Arvin Transit

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Arvin Transit
Arvin Transit logo.png
Headquarters 165 Plumtree Drive
Locale Arvin, CA
Service area Arvin, Lamont
Service type bus service
Routes 4
Hubs Transit Hub
Fuel type Diesel

Arvin Transit is the operator of mass transportation in Arvin, California. Four routes operate in and around the city, which serves most of the urban development. There are additional routes which connect Arvin with Lamont, and the Tejon Industrial Complex. There is one transit hub, located at the intersection of Bear Mountain Boulevard and Plumtree Drive.[1][2]

There are two local routes, and two express routes. Arvin Local route runs entirely within the city. Arvin – Lamont Local route is a local route that runs between Arvin and Lamont. Arvin – Lamont Express route is an express route that also runs between Arvin and Lamont. Arvin – Tejon route is an express route that runs between Arvin and the Tejon Industrial Complex, which is located next to the Golden State Freeway (Interstate 5). All routes stop at the transit hub.[2]


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