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Editor-in-chiefEljas Repo
CategoriesBusiness magazine
Circulation24,944 (2011)
PublisherSuomen Arvopaperimediat Oy
Year founded1981; 37 years ago (1981)
CompanyTalentum Media Oy
Based inHelsinki

Arvopaperi (meaning Securities in English) is a Finnish language monthly business magazine with a special reference to investment. The monthly is published in Helsinki, Finland.

History and profile[edit]

Arvopaperi was founded by the Shareholders Association (Osakesäästäjien Keskusliitto) in 1981.[1] The magazine is published on a monthly basis.[2][3] Its publisher is Suomen Arvopaperimediat Oy which was acquired by Talentum Media Oy in 2004.[4] Talentum Media Oy also publishes other business-oriented magazines, including Talouselämä[5] and Tekniikka ja Talous.[6] Arvopaperi, based in Helsinki, provides news on financial developments and investment.[2][3] The magazine focuses on stocks and shares, and has a supplement, Arvoasunto, which is published twice per year.[7]

Eljas Repo is both the editor-in-chief and the shareholder of the monthly.[4][8]

In 2011 Arvopaperi had a circulation of 24,944 copies.[8][9]

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