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Arxan Technologies
IndustryIT, Cybersecurity, Application Security
San Francisco
California (USA)
Number of locations
USA (6), United Kingdom (1), France (1), Germany (1), Sweden (1), Japan (1), Korea (1)
Key people
Joe Sander (CEO), James Love (CRO), Charlie Velasquez (CFO)
ProductsArxan Code Protection, Cryptographic Key & Data Protection, Threat Analytics, and App Management

Arxan Technologies is an American technology company specializing in Application Attack Prevention and Self-Protection solution for IoT, Mobile, and other applications. The company reports that applications secured by it are running on over 500 million devices. Arxan solutions are used to protect applications across a range of industries, including: Mobile Payments & Banking, Automotive IoT, Healthcare IoT, Gaming,[1][2][3] and High-Tech. Arxan's security products are used to protect the confidentiality of applications (which can be breached by reverse-engineering, code analysis and other means) and the integrity of applications (which can be compromised through code modification, malware insertion and other types of attacks).


Arxan is privately held and private equity-backed. In the fall of 2013, TA Associates, a private equity firm, completed a majority investment in Arxan Technologies. Previously, the company received Series B funding in 2003,[4] followed by $13 million in series C funding in 2007 and a series D funding of $4 million in 2009. Early investors included Trident Capital, EDF Ventures, Legend Ventures, Paladin Capital, Dunrath Capital, TDF Fund and Solstice Capital.

Arxan was founded in 2001 by Eric Davis and Purdue University researchers, Mikhail Atallah, Tim Korb, John Rice and Hoi Chang. The first funding came from Richard Early and Dunrath Capital. Rich Early subsequently became Arxan's first CEO. The company's early intellectual property was licensed from Purdue University. The company's initial focus was on defense anti-tamper applications. Following the sale of its defense technology unit, Arxan Defense Systems, to Microsemi in 2010,[5] Arxan focused on commercial applications.


Arxan offers a number of Anti-Tamper Software products for application and cryptographic key protection.[6] These include:

  • Arxan Code Protection to secure Mobile, IoT & Embedded, Desktop and Server applications
  • Arxan Cryptographic Key & Data Protection to secure secret keys and data with white-box cryptography, which provide all the major crypto algorithms and features required to protect sensitive keys and data in hostile or untrusted operational environments. Arxan Cryptographic Key & Data Protection is FIPS140-2 validated.[7]

In May 2012, the company announced comprehensive support for Android application protection and hardening against tampering and piracy.[8] In June 2014, Arxan announced that its mobile application protection offerings will be sold by IBM as part of IBM’s portfolio of security products.

Arxan's products are based on patented security techniques[9][10][11][12] for code hardening, tamper-proofing, key security and node locking. The core technology consists of a multi-layered, interconnected network of Guards that each perform a specific security function and are embedded into application binaries to make programs tamper-aware, tamper-resistant, and self-healing. The company claims a three-layer protection paradigm of defend, detect and react as a differentiating approach. By detecting when an attack is being attempted and responding to detected attacks with alerts and repairs, this protection helps secure software against hacking attacks and threats such as:[13]

  • static reverse engineering or code analysis
  • dynamic reverse engineering or debugging
  • tampering to disable or circumvent security mechanisms (authentication, encryption, anti-virus, security policies, etc.)
  • tampering to modify program functionality
  • tampering for piracy or unauthorized use
  • insertion of malware into an application
  • counterfeiting and IP theft
  • stealing of cryptographic keys

Media and awards[edit]

  • Deloitte 2014 Top 500 Fastest Growing Technology Company [14]
  • CIOReview Magazine 2014 Top 50 Most Promising IoT Companies [15]
  • 2015 Mobile Innovations Award Winner for Best Management of Mobile Security Issues [16]
  • Info Security Products Guide 2014 Winner for Best New Product: Mobile Application Integrity Protection™ Suite v 5.0 [17]

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