Ary Toledo

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Ary Toledo
Birth name Ary Christoni de Toledo Piza
Born (1937-08-22) August 22, 1937 (age 80)
Martinópolis, São Paulo
Nationality Brazilian
Genres Satire

Ary Christoni de Toledo Piza (born August 22, 1937), commonly known as Ary Toledo, is a Brazilian humorist, singer, lyricist and actor.

Early and personal life[edit]

Toledo was born in 1937 in Martinópolis, São Paulo.[1] He is married to the actress and journalist Marly Marley[2]


Between 1954 and 1955, he began his career a humorist and satirist,[1] first working at Teatro de Arena de São Paulo.[citation needed] He is also a singer and lyricist; his jokes draw humor from the difference between Brazilians and Portuguese.[3] He has written around 60,000 jokes and describes himself as a "garimpeiro of humor".[4] Music is his hobby.[5]

During the Brazilian military government AI-5 he was imprisoned for his anti-government satire, but was soon freed due to his popularity.[1]

Published works[edit]


  • Descobrimento do Brasil (with Chico de Assis)
  • Modinha de ser
  • Ovos que a galinha pôs
  • Tiradentes
  • Os Textículos de Ary Toledo (A Anarquia da Filosofia) (2011)


  • No Fino Da Bossa (1968-1988) RGE FERMATA LP
  • Ary Toledo (1970)
  • Antologia do Sexo (1979) Copacabana LP
  • Pois é (1982) Copacabana LP
  • Na Base do Riso Explícito (1985) Copacabana LP
  • Ary Toledo Ao vivo (1968) RGE LP
  • A Todo Vapor (2008)


As well as being a writer of jokes, he has also written satirical songs such as:[6]

  • A moda do Zé
  • Dona Maroca - song of a libertine cat of Mme Marioca
  • Linda Meu Bem
  • Mataram meu carneiro - song in which he cries over the death of his sheep
  • Melô do pinto
  • O Rico e o Pobre - social critique about politics and how the same words have different meanings for the rich and poor
  • Rosinha - humorous love-song

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