Arya (2004 film)

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Aarya Telugu Movie.jpg
Directed by Sukumar
Produced by Dil Raju
Written by Sukumar
Starring Allu Arjun
Anu Mehta
Siva Balaji
Music by Devi Sri Prasad
Cinematography R. Rathnavelu
Edited by Marthand K. Venkatesh
Distributed by Sri Venkateswara Creations
Release dates
  • 7 May 2004 (2004-05-07)
Running time
151 minutes
Country India
Language Telugu
Budget 4 crore (US$600,000)[1]
Box office 18 crore (US$2.7 million)(Share)[2]

Arya is a Telugu film which released on 7 May 2004 and was directed by debutant Sukumar. This film has Allu Arjun in the main lead. Upon release, the film was declared a Blockbuster. The film was dubbed in Malayalam in the same name (Arya). It was remade into Oriya as Pagala Premi with actor Sabyasachi Mishra and Arpita Pal, in Tamil as Kutty and Bengali (Bangladesh) as Badha. The movie was dubbed in Hindi as Arya Ki Prem Pratigya. The film was followed by the sequel Arya 2 in 2009. However, it is not related to its prequel.Director Sukumar won best director filmfare 2004.


Geetanjali a.k.a. Geeta (Anuradha Mehta) goes to Kanyakumari on a trip. She finds a poem in a diary left on a beach and signs in it. Her anklet falls into the ocean and a guy jumps into the water in front of her eyes but no one sees him resurfacing. However, Geeta did not see who jumped in the ocean. She dreams about the incident frequently with the idea that the guy who jumped has died but her friends ask her to forget it.

Ajay (Siva Balaji) is a spoiled brat, and is the son of local MP Avataram (Rajan P. Dev). He likes to flirt with beautiful girls and wants them to be his girlfriends. One day he sees Geeta and proposes to her. When she refuses, he threatens to jump from the top of college building. Being a weak-minded girl, Geeta accepts the proposal with the thought that as some guy has already died for her and she doesn't want someone to get hurt because of her and starts dating him. Arya (Allu Arjun) is a happy-go-lucky guy who enjoys his life with friends and kids. On his first day to the college, he sees Geeta who was just confessing her love to Ajay who was at the top of the college building, threatening her. Charmed by her beauty, Arya falls in love with her and proposes to her. She actually rejects his proposal saying that she is already committed to Ajay. One day Avataram arranges a party in his house and it so turns out that Ajay introduces Geeta to his father and persuades him to fix their marriage. Ajay's father, who initially pretended to accept his son's marriage with Geeta, turns tables upside down by introducing another girl Lalasa and announces that his son is going to marry Lalasa. He threatens his son not to marry anyone except Lalasa. Being embarrassed by the situation and helpless, Ajay sits down and starts to get frustrated. Arya, who loves Geeta so much that he never hesitated to help her, decides to bring Ajay to Geeta and helps them elope. On their way, they are followed by Avataram's henchmen. The three youngsters find a train and get into it.

When they get down from the train in the night, they are shocked to see the leader of Avataram's henchmen who forces Geeta to come with him, defying his boss' order. On the other hand Ajay remains helpless, while Arya bravely fights all the men and finally defeats them, rescuing Ajay and Geeta. They walk on to the nearby town, Arya's hometown. Being tired, the three go to bed. The next morning they wake up and realize that Ajay is missing. Arya tries to convince Geeta that Ajay left to win over his father. This leaves private time for Arya and Geeta and they grow close to each other. Geetha starts liking Arya. But when she tries to reveal it to him, Ajay and his father return. Avataram agrees to get Ajay married to Geeta.

On the day of wedding, Geeta finds out that Arya was the guy who dove into the sea for her anklet and realizes that he came into her life much before Ajay. She realizes that while Ajay blackmailed her into loving him, Arya just wanted to see her happy. Geeta also realizes that Arya truly loves her, while Ajay was just acting on his impulse of wanting what he couldn't have. She leaves the wedding hall in tears and confesses her love to Arya.




Arya received highly positive reviews from critics. gave a review stating "You feel like you are watching a Mani Rathnam film. There is a soul in the film and you end up having a thin layer of tears in your eyes while leaving the theater. This film announces the arrival of Sukumar - director - a class apart. 'Arya' is a must watch film for all Telugu film lovers. Don't miss it" and rated the film 4/5 calling the film "A class apart".[3] IndiaGlitz gave a review stating "To start with, the hype machine was at work incessantly before the release of the movie. And after watching the film you also feel that here is a movie that is every inch worth its pre-release hype. Not only Arya is expected to lead the pack in the long summer of seemingly never-ending releases but also give the hero of the film, Allu Arjun, a new identity. Arya is an unabashed package showcasing Allu Arjun and his dancing and fighting abilities. The thing it looks like it will work at the box-office", further calling the film "A cocktail of fun and more fun".[4] gave a review stating "Arya is not at all what you expect it to be. It is a special package that consists of fun, entertainment, laughs, frolic, merriment, high times, bashes and more. It has them all. Romance, eternal love, mush, flowers, embraces, sacrifices, sunsets. It has them ALL. Action, fights, stunts, feats, tricks, battles, blood, bullies, henchmen, chases. Did we mention that this has it all? Emotions, sentiments, passion, craze and feelings. See one. See all" and rated the film 7/10.[5]


Arya 2004 ACD.jpg
Soundtrack album to Arya by Devi Sri Prasad
Released 16 April 2004 (2004-04-16)
Recorded 2004
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Length 30:42
Language Telugu
Label Aditya Music
Producer Devi Sri Prasad
Devi Sri Prasad chronology
Shankar Dada MBBS

The audio was released at a function arranged in song set erected at Nanakrama Guda on the evening of 16 April 2004. Swati (of colors fame) and Devi Sri Prasad anchored this event. Aditya Music produced the audio of this film. K Raghavendra Rao released the audio and gave the first cassette to Pawan Kalyan and Prabhas. The song "Aa Ante Amalapuram" became famous in Andhra Pradesh and certain parts of Maharashtra, which created Allu Arjun's identity there. The Soundtrack was an Unusual Hit.[6]

No. Title Lyrics Singer(s) Length
1. "You Rock My World"   Viswa Shaan, Premji Amaren 5:00
2. "Nuvvunte"   Sirivennela Sagar, Sumangali 5:08
3. "O My Brotheru"   Sirivennela Ravi Verma 5:04
4. "Thakadimithom"   Surendra Krishna Tippu 5:31
5. "Feel My Love"   Chandrabose KK, Clinton Cerejo 4:55
6. "Aa Ante Amalapuram"   Veturi Sundararama Murthy Malathi, Ranjith 5:04
Total length:

Box-office performance[edit]

Arya collected 25 crore (US$3.7 million) in its full run delivering a distributors Share of 18 crore (US$2.7 million).[7] Arya collected 3.85 crore (US$570,000)(Share) in Nizam Area. Hence turned out to be a blockbuster.

  • The film had a 50-day run in 89 centres. The film had a 100-day run in 56 centres. It collected 18 crore (US$2.7 million).[8] The film had a 420-day run in 8 centres.It collected 18 crore (US$2.7 million)(Share) delivering a final gross figure of 25 crore (US$3.7 million).[9]
  • The film's dubbed version in Malayalam did a business of nearly 3-3.5 million from Kerala.[10]


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