Aryabhata (crater)

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Aryabhata crater 4073 h1.jpg
Coordinates 6°12′N 35°06′E / 6.2°N 35.1°E / 6.2; 35.1Coordinates: 6°12′N 35°06′E / 6.2°N 35.1°E / 6.2; 35.1
Diameter 22 km
Depth None
Colongitude 356° at sunrise
Eponym Aryabhata
Oblique view from Apollo 8, facing west

Aryabhata, named after Indian astronomer Aryabhata, is the remnant of a lunar impact crater located in the eastern Mare Tranquillitatis. The crater has been almost submerged by lava-flow, and now only an arc-shaped ridge formed from the eastern half of the rim remains above the lunar mare. This crater was previously identified as Maskelyne E before being named by the IAU in 1979.[1]


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