As-Salam al-Malaki

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وتحية رويال
English: Peace to the King
As-Salam al-Malaki

Former national anthem of  Iraq
Also known as"The Royal Salute"
MusicA. Chaffon, 1924 (1924)
Adopted1932 (1932)
Relinquished1958 (1958)
Succeeded by"Mawtini"
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"As-Salam al-Malaki" (Arabic: السلام الملكي‎, literally "The Royal Salute") was the national anthem of the Kingdom of Iraq from 1932 to 1958.


It was composed by Iraqi Army Band director Lieutenant A. Chaffon in 1924, a British military officer.[1]

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  • "Ardulfurataini", the former Iraqi national anthem, used from 1981 to 2003.
  • "Mawtini", the current Iraqi national anthem since 2003.


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