as-Sawahira ash-Sharqiya

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as-Sawahira ash Sharqiya
Other transcription(s)
 • Arabicالسواحرة الشرقية
 • Also spelledas-Sawahira ash Sharqiya (official)
al-Sawahira al-Sharqiyya; Al-Sawahreh al-Sharqiyeh; a-Sawahrah a-Sharqiya (unofficial)
as-Sawahira ash Sharqiya is located in the Palestinian territories
as-Sawahira ash Sharqiya
as-Sawahira ash Sharqiya
Location of as-Sawahira ash Sharqiya within Palestine
Coordinates: 31°43′56″N 35°16′13″E / 31.73222°N 35.27028°E / 31.73222; 35.27028Coordinates: 31°43′56″N 35°16′13″E / 31.73222°N 35.27028°E / 31.73222; 35.27028
 • TypeMunicipality
 • Jurisdiction5,210

as-Sawahira ash Sharqiya (Arabic: السواحرة الشرقية‎) or Al-Sawahreh al-Sharqiyeh is a Palestinian town in the Jerusalem Governorate, located 6 kilometers south-east of Jerusalem in the West Bank. According to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS), as-Sawahira ash Sharqiya had a population of approximately 5,210 inhabitants in mid-year 2006.[1] as-Sawahira ash Sharqiya shares the facilities, particularly schools and health amenities of the villages of Jabal Mukaber and ash-Sheikh Sa'd. The healthcare facilities for as-Sawahira ash Sharqiya are designated as Ministry of Health level 2.[2]


In 1961, under Jordanian rule, the population was 279.[3]


After the Six-Day War in 1967, As-Sawahira ash-Sharqiya has been under Israeli occupation.

After the 1995 accords, 0.5% (or 335 dunums) of As-Sawahira ash-Sharqiya land was classified as being Area A; 7.2% (or 5,005 dunums) Area B; while the remaining 92.3% (or 63,902 dunums) was classified as Area C.[4]

Israel has confiscated land from As-Sawahira ash-Sharqiya in order to construct two Israeli settlements:

  • 45 dunums were taken for the settlement of Kedar,[5]
  • 955 dunums were taken for the settlement of Kalya.[5]



  • Government of Jordan, Department of Statistics (1964). First Census of Population and Housing. Volume I: Final Tables; General Characteristics of the Population (PDF).

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