As Friends Rust (album)

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As Friends Rust
As Friends Rust (album).jpg
EP by As Friends Rust
Released August 19, 1999
Recorded May 1999
Genre Punk rock, hardcore punk
Length 11:10
Label Doghouse
Producer Rob McGregor
As Friends Rust chronology
God Hour
As Friends Rust
The Fists of Time

As Friends Rust is the second release of the EP originally (mistakenly) titled God Hour by As Friends Rust. It was released by Doghouse Records on August 19, 1999 after the label had first announced the release as a 4 song EP due out on June 15, 1999.[1] It was delayed and released as a MCD/8" vinyl in late summer, adding an extra song.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Half Friend Town" (2:20)
  2. "Like Strings (Spell It With A K)" (2:17)
  3. "Fire On 8th And 3rd" (0:11)
  4. "Coffee Black" (3:20)
  5. "Scapegoat Wets the Whistle" (3:42)


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