As I'm Suffering From Kadhal

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As I'm Suffering From Kadhal
As I'm Suffering From Kadhal.jpg
GenreRomantic comedy
Created byBalaji Mohan
Written byBalaji Mohan
Music bySatish Raghunathan
Original language(s)Tamil
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes10
Executive producer(s)Dhanya Balakrishna
Balaji Mohan
News editor(s)Prasanna GK
Balaji Mohan
CinematographyShiva GRN
Original networkHotstar
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As I'm Suffering from Kadhal (transl. As I'm suffering from love) a 2017 Indian romantic comedy web series in Tamil, created by Balaji Mohan. The series, consisting of 10 episodes, was released on 15 June 2017 by Hotstar in Hotstar Originals.[1][2]


It is set in urban Chennai, this web series tells the story of four couples negotiating the many meanings of modern-day love. They are:- 1.Bala Kumar, a divorcee who shares the custody of his daughter Smriti. 2.Divya & Badri, a live-in couple, who completely oppose the fact of getting married. 3.Meera & Santhosh, a “married” couple, who absolutely hate each other. 4.Raghav & Tanvi, love birds, who are in the “process” of getting married

The web-series starts with Meera clashing her car and ruining Tanvi-Raghav’s Pre-pre-engagement party. Divya then tells Raghav to check on Meera, which is later discovered that Meera cheated on Santhosh by doing it with Raghav on her first night to take a revenge on him because he too cheated on her at his Bachelor’s party with a girl called Nii-vaa-suin in Bangkok. Badri hears their conversation and struggles to hide the truth. But he tells it to Divya alone. 
Meera then finds out the she is pregnant at Raghav & Tanvi’s Pre-engagement party. She throws the Pregnancy-kit in the dustbin that is later seen by Divya. Santhosh and his friend add alcohol in Divya & Badri’s juice. A drunk Divya & Badri blurt out the truth in front of everybody & even tell Divya’s dad that they don’t want to get married. 
Tanvi breaks up with Raghav. Divya tells Santhosh that she is pregnant with Santhosh’s baby only and they both get reunited. Divya’s dad strictly warns Badri to marry Divya. Bala Kumar gets extremely sad and upset because his ex-wife shifts with Smriti and her husband to Bangalore. 
—————-This story ends with a lot of confusion and happiness!!!———


Main Cast[edit]

Actor / Actress Character Role
Sunder Ramu Bala Kumar
Baby Yuvina Smirthi
Sananth Badri
Sanchana Natarajan Divya
Dhanya Balakrishna[3] Meera
Balaji Mohan Santosh
Nakshatra Nagesh Tanvi
Abishek Joseph George Ragav

Guest appearance[edit]

  • RJ Love Guru (Vivaswan Rajesh) voiced as an Interviewer
  • Arjunan as Balaji Mohan friend
  • Robo Shankar as Associate Director
  • Andrea Jeremiah as psychiatrist
  • RJ Vigneshkanth as a photographer
  • Vaidhyanathan as Sanchana Natrajan Father
  • Radha Shekar as Sanchana Natrajan Mother
  • Vijay Varadharajan as Producer
  • Vignesh Vijayakumar as Asst Director
  • VJ Ramya as Sara, Sanchana's friend


Balaji Mohan initially planned As I'm Suffering from Kadhal as a feature film, but ultimately decided it was better made as a series, saying, "as I explored the concept further with parallel storylines falling into place, it didn't make sense to fit it into a two-hour film".[4]


As I'm Suffering from Kadhal is available on the streaming service Hotstar. All 10 episodes were released simultaneously on 15 June 2017, as opposed to a serialised format, to encourage binge-watching.[5]

Season Episode Title Duration Release date
1 1 Meet the Sufferers 20:42 15 June 2017
1 2 Suffering for Chaos 19:06 15 June 2017
1 3 Suffering from Chronic fighting 20:01 15 June 2017
1 4 Suffering from Perfection deficiency 23:39 15 June 2017
1 5 Suffering from External problem 19:07 15 June 2017
1 6 Suffering from High Expectations 26:05 15 June 2017
1 7 Suffering From Pressure To Perform 23:04 15 June 2017
1 8 Suffering From Dependency 27:12 15 June 2017
1 9 Suffering From A Secret Overdose 22:58 15 June 2017
1 10 Suffering From Kadhal 23:26 15 June 2017


The team released a music video in Hotstar composed by Satish Raghunathan, penned by the director Balaji Mohan and sung by Anand Aravindakshan, Balaji Mohan, Dhanya Balakrishna, Karthika Vaidyanathan, Satish Raghunathan and choreographed by Gayathri Raguram.

Critical reception[edit]

Firstpost called it "bold, funny and relatable".[6] The Quint wrote "As I’m Suffering From Kadhal is a refreshing rom-com that anyone living in a metro city can relate to."[7]


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