Saina Al-Humaidi

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Saina Al-Humaidi

صنيع الحميدي
Saina Al-Humaidi is located in Qatar
Saina Al-Humaidi
Saina Al-Humaidi
Coordinates: 25°32′N 51°24′E / 25.533°N 51.400°E / 25.533; 51.400Coordinates: 25°32′N 51°24′E / 25.533°N 51.400°E / 25.533; 51.400
Country Qatar
MunicipalityUmm Salal
ZoneZone 71
District no.133
 • Total8.3 km2 (3.2 sq mi)

Saina Al-Humaidi (Arabic: صنيع الحميدي‎; also spelled Snay Lehmaidi) is a village in the municipality of Umm Salal in Qatar.[2][3] The village has been inhabited primarily by the Al-Humaidi tribe for several decades.[4]


In Arabic, "sana" is a term used to denote an area where water accumulates. The term may also refer to the type of wood used in a barrier enclosing a water reservoir.[3]


The number of housing units stand at about 15, all being owned by the Al-Humaidi. There is a mosque in the area, called "Smra Bin Muawiya". The village is typified by poor sanitation and a lack of facilities.[4] Resident typically travel to Umm Qarn, 2 km away, to purchase products.[5]



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