As Subaykhi

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As Subaykhi
As Subaykhi is located in Oman
As Subaykhi
As Subaykhi
Location in Oman
Coordinates: 23°19′N 56°19′E / 23.317°N 56.317°E / 23.317; 56.317Coordinates: 23°19′N 56°19′E / 23.317°N 56.317°E / 23.317; 56.317
Country  Oman
Region Ad Dhahirah Region
Time zone Oman Standard Time (UTC+4)

As Subaykhi is a village in Ad Dhahirah Region, in northeastern Oman.[1]The village is located just off Highway 21, south of Mazim and about 20 miles northwest of Ibri. Over half of the village is covered in green trees and agricultural land. A hill area to the south of the village is known as Jebel Subaykhi.[2]The central government have discouraged Iqtabi families from moving into As Subaykhi. [3]In the late 1970s, it was reported that semi- nomads were building more permanent structures, adjacent to the village.[3]


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