As Time Goes By (1988 film)

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As Time Goes By
Film poster
Directed byBarry Peak
Produced byChris Kiely
Written byBarry Peak
StarringMax Gillies
Bruno Lawrence
Nique Needles
Music byPeter Sullivan
CinematographyJohn Ogden
Edited byRalph Strasser
Release date
Running time
96 minutes
Box officeAU $5,854[1]

As Time Goes By (originally titled The Cricketer) is a 1988 Australian science fiction comedy film. The title song is heard in the Australian version of the film but not in overseas prints, because of its high cost.[2]

Plot synopsis[edit]

A surfer from Penong receives a letter from his mother which she passes on before she dies which tells him to meet him 50 miles west of the small town of Dingo on a certain date in 1989, 25 years after the letter was sent. He encounters a series of unusual small town characters and the small-town cop "Rider", before being dragged into a world of small-town politics, time travel and a scheme involving Joe Bogart, a time-travelling alien whose spaceship's camouflage unit stopped working while he was in Los Alamos working on the Manhattan project; " Joe Bogart's"


  • Bruno Lawrence as Ryder
  • Nique Needles as Mike
  • Ray Barrett as J.L. Weston
  • Marcelle Schmitz as Connie Stanton
  • Mitchell Faircloth as James McCauley
  • Max Gillies as Joe Bogart
  • Deborah Force as Cheryl
  • Christine Keogh as Margie
  • Don Bridges as Ern


Nique Needles won Best Actor in A Science Fiction Film at the 1988 Fantafestival.


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