As Was

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AS Was
EP by Manfred Mann with Paul Jones
Released 21 October 1966
Genre British R&B, jazz-rock
Language English
Label His Master's Voice-EMI
Producer John Burgess

As Was (also styled AsWas) is an EP by Manfred Mann (shown as Manfred Mann with Paul Jones), released in 1966. The EP is a 7-inch vinyl record and released in mono with the catalogue number His Master's Voice-EMI 7EG 8962.

Track listing[edit]

Side 1

  1. "I Can't Believe What You Say"
  2. "That's All I Ever Want From You Baby"

Side 2

  1. "Driva Man"
  2. "It's Getting Late"


Chart performance[edit]

This EP reached No. 4 in the British EP charts.[1]