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The As d'Or (Golden Ace) is a games award given out by a jury at the Festival International des Jeux in Cannes, France.

The awards were established in 1988. From 1989 to 2003, a jury of journalists allotted "Golden Aces" by category to games presented by their editors. A special prize, the Super As d'Or, was allotted to the best game from any category.

In 2003, the process was modified to give more autonomy to the jury. A single As d'Or was awarded, and 10 nominees were announced.

In 2005, the award merged with the Jeu de l'Année. It was decided that the combined award should be named after the year of awarding rather than year of publication, so the first combined award was the 2005 As d'Or Jeu de l'Année with awards in three categories: general public/family games, experts, and children. In 2012, the As d'Or Prix du Jury was added.

Super As d'Or[edit]

Year Game Designer(s) Publisher
1988 Supergang Gérard Mathieu & Gérard Delfanti Ludodélire
1989 Abalone Michel Lalet & Laurent Lévi Abalone
1990 Toutankhamon Stefanie Rohner & Christian Wolf Jumbo
1992 Quarto (board game) Blaise Muller Gigamic
1993 S.O.S. Plombier Link Group International Habourdin International
1994 Pusher Werner Falkhof Peri Spiele / Theta
1995 Condottière Dominique Ehrhard Eurogames
1996 Magic : l'Assemblée Richard Garfield Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro
1997 Gang of Four Lee F. Yih Dargaud / Asmodée / Days of Wonder
1998 Zatre Manfred Schüling Peri Spiele / Amigo / Gigamic
1999 La Route des Epices Victor Lucas Sentosphère
2000 Kahuna Günter Cornett [de] Kosmos / Tilsit
2001 Blokus Bernard Tavitian Sekkoïa / Winning Moves
2002 Bakari (game) Virginia Charves Tactic

As d'Or[edit]

Year Game Designer(s) Publisher
2003 Alhambra Dirk Henn Queen Games
2004-2005 Les Aventuriers du Rail Alan R. Moon Days of Wonder

L'As d'Or Jeu de l'Année[edit]

L'As d'Or Jeu de l'Année combined in 2005 the L'As de'Or and the Jeu de l'Année into a single set of awards, presented in four categories.

As d'Or Jeu de l'Année (Grand Public)[edit]

Year Game Designer(s) Publisher
2006 Time's Up! Peter Sarrett Repos Production
2007 Du Balai ! Bruno Cathala & Serge Laget Asmodée
2008 Marrakech Dominique Ehrhard Gigamic
2009 Dixit Jean-Louis Roubira Libellud
2010 Identik (renamed Duplik) William P. Jacobson & Amanda A. Kohout Asmodée
2011 Skull and Roses Hervé Marly Lui-même
2012 Takenoko Antoine Bauza Matagot / Bombyx
2013 Andor Michael Menzel Kosmos / Iello
2014 Concept Alain Rivollet / Gaëtan Beaujannot Repos Production
2015 Colt Express Christophe Raimbault Ludonaute
2016 Mysterium Oleg Sidorenko & Oleksandr Nevskiy Libellud
2017 Unlock! Cyril Demaegd, Thomas Cauët, & Alice Carroll Space Cowboys
2018 Azul Michael Kiesling Plan B Games

As d'Or Grand Prix (Expert)[edit]

Year Game Designer(s) Publisher
2009 Agricola Uwe Rosenberg Lookout Games / Ystari Games
2010 Small World Philippe Keyaerts Days of Wonder
2011 7 Wonders Antoine Bauza Repos Production
2012 Olympos Philippe Keyaerts Ystari Games
2013 Myrmes Yoann Levet Ystari Games
2014 Bruxelles 1893 Étienne Espreman Pearl Games
2015 Five Tribes: The Djinns of Naqala Bruno Cathala Days of Wonder
2016 Pandémie Legacy Matt Leacock & Rob Daviau Z-Man Games / Filosofia
2017 Scythe Jamey Stegmaier Stonemaier Games
2018 Terraforming Mars Jacob Fryxelius FryxGames

As d'Or Jeu de l'Année Enfant (Children's Games)[edit]

Year Game Designer(s) Publisher
2006 Splash attack Thierry Chapeau Gigamic
2007 La Nuit des magiciens Jens-Peter Schliemann & Kirsten Becker Drei Magier Spiele
2008 Les Chevaliers de la Tour Christian Tiggemann Haba
2009 Château Roquefort Jens-Peter Schliemann & Bernhard Weber Zoch
2010 Cache Moutons (reissued by Libellund in 2013 as Vite ! Cachons-nous !) Frédéric Moyersoen Zoch / Gigamic / Libellud
2011 SOS Octopus Oliver Igelhaut Filosofia
2012 Rik le Géant Marco Teubner Haba
2013 Tino Topini Karin Hetling Ravensburger
2014 Riff Raff Christoph Cantzler Zoch / Gigamic
2015 La Chasse aux Gigamons Karim Aouidad & Johann Roussel Elemon Games
2016 Maître Renard Frédéric Vuagnat Superlude
2017 Kikou le Coucou Josep Maria Allué & Viktor Bautista i Roca Haba
2018 Nom d'un renard ! Marisa Peña, Shanon Lyon, & Colt Tipton-Johnson Game Factory

As d'Or Prix du Jury[edit]

Year Game Designer(s) Publisher
2012 Sherlock Holmes détective conseil Gary Grady, Suzanne Goldberg & Raymond Edwards Ystari Games
2013 X-Wing Miniatures Game Jay Little FFG / Edge
2014 Les Bâtisseurs - Moyen-Âge Frédéric Henry Bombyx
2015 Loony Quest Laurent Escoffier & David Franck Libellud

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