As the Music Plays

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As The Music Plays
Studio album by Bamboo
Released 2004
Genre Pinoy Rock/Jazz
Length 1:05:10
Label EMI Philippines, Inc.
Bamboo chronology
As The Music Plays
Light Peace Love
(2005)'Light Peace Love'2005
Singles from As the Music Plays
  1. "Noypi"
    Released: 2004
  2. "Mr. Clay"
    Released: 2004
  3. "Masaya"
    Released: 2004
  4. "These Days"
    Released: 2004

As The Music Plays is the debut album released by Pinoy rock band Bamboo following the return of Bamboo Mañalac in the Philippine music scene after 5 years of hiatus in the United States. Bamboo immediately gained fame for the track "Noypi" which captivated the hearts of the youth and sparked patriotism in the Philippines. This album contains 10 tracks, with 3 in Tagalog, namely: "Noypi", "Hudas", and "Masaya".

The initial release of the album used a white cover. Later in the same year, Bamboo released a new version with a black cover containing 6 bonus tracks and 3 video clips of "Noypi", "Masaya", and "Mr. Clay".

Track listing[edit]

"White Cover" - Initial Tracks

All tracks written by Bamboo.

No. Title Length
1. "Take Me Down" 3:56
2. "As The Music Plays The Band" 4:29
3. "Mr. Clay" 3:56
4. "Pride and The Flame" 4:49
5. "Masaya" 3:45
6. "War of Hearts and Minds" 3:53
7. "Light Years" 2:27
8. "These Days" 4:09
9. "Hudas" 3:04
10. "Noypi" 4:28
"Black Cover" - Bonus Tracks
No. Title Note(s) Length
11. "Break On Through (PM)" The Doors cover - fast/up-beat version 4:51
12. "God Knows Hudas Not Pay" acoustic version of their song Hudas 3:46
13. "Masaya (feat. Ria Osorio)" Piano rock version of their song Masaya 4:49
14. "The General" Dispatch cover 4:09
15. "I Don't Wanna Wait in Vain (for your love)" Bob Marley cover of "Waiting in Vain" 5:10
16. "Break On Through (early AM)" The Doors cover - slow version 3:30