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Asa Dotzler
Asa Dotzler in 2005
Born (1974-06-05) June 5, 1974 (age 43)
Summertown, Tennessee, United States
Occupation Participation Director for Firefox OS, Mozilla Corp.
Spouse(s) Deanna L. Pierce

Asa Dotzler (/ˈsə ˈdɒtslər/; born June 5, 1974) is an American software developer best known for his work in development of the Firefox browser through its evolution from his volunteer work when Netscape released Mozilla as open source code and employment as community coordinator for several Mozilla projects to director of Mozilla's Firefox desktop. He was founder of Mozilla's Quality Assurance (QA) and Testing Program, which grew under his leadership from just a few contributors when Dotzler joined the project to tens of thousands of volunteers today.

Dotzler is also co-founder of the Spread Firefox project with Blake Ross, launched in October 2004, where he spearheaded Mozilla's open source marketing program. Spread Firefox is charged with empowering Firefox community members to raise awareness of the popular web browser. Today, he works with Mozilla's Technology Evangelism team, helping people understand, build, and benefit from the Open Web.

Dotzler has been an active member of the Mozilla community since 1998. After volunteering for more than a year, Dotzler joined "", the leadership team for the Mozilla organization, and has played a key role in delivering products including the release of Mozilla 1.0 and the release of the Mozilla Firefox web browser and Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client. He has spoken about Firefox and Mozilla's mission around the world in cities including Tokyo, Moscow, Seoul, Beijing, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Monterrey, San Diego, Seattle, and Portland (OR).

Dotzler is known in his community for tracking the 2009 Lockheed Fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains.[1]

Mozilla work[edit]

Dotzler is currently an employee of the Mozilla Corporation, producers of the Firefox Web browser. Before moving to the Corporation, Dotzler was one of the original employees at the non-profit Mozilla Foundation[citation needed]. Dotzler's first paying job on the cross-platform Mozilla web browser was in Mountain View, California as an employee of Netscape Communications Corporation. He was hired by Netscape in May 2000 to work with the "" team. When AOL shut down the Netscape browser unit in July 2003, Dotzler was an original member of the team to start up the Mozilla Foundation. Before joining Netscape, Dotzler worked on Mozilla as a volunteer for over a year while living in Austin, Texas. Dotzler moved to Austin in 1997 after meeting his spouse, Deanna Pierce.


Dotzler maintains an active weblog with an emphasis on Mozilla development and news, and also at times cover topics of personal or academic interest.

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  1. ^ Stephen Baxter (14 Nov 2011). "Santa Cruz County wildfire information grows with online maps, social networks". Santa Cruz Sentinel. Retrieved 2 January 2012. Sentinel web editor Tom Moore created the map then asked readers to update known fire boundaries, photos and other information. Sentinel reader Asa Dotzler, who had an extensive computer background, eventually managed the map with updates from readers and reporters.