ASA University Bangladesh

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ASA University Bangladesh
Type Private
Established 2006
Chancellor Honorable President Abdul Hamid
Vice-Chancellor Prof.Dr.Dalem Chandra Barman
Students 4,000 (above)
Location Dhaka, Bangladesh
Campus Urban
Nickname ASAUB
Affiliations Government & University Grants Commission
ASA University Bangladesh Campus

ASA University Bangladesh (Bengali: আশা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয় বাংলাদেশ, ASAUB) is a leading private university in Shyamoli, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The university was established under the Private University Act 1992.[1] ASAUB is affiliated by the University Grants Commission Bangladesh. Prof. Md. Muinuddin Khan (widely known as M. M. Khan) was the premier Vice-Chancellor of ASAUB, and he held the position for five years. The present Vice-Chancellor of ASAUB is Prof.Dr. Dalem Chandra Barman. ASAUB holds a good standing as a new university in Bangladesh. ASAUB provides Quality education with cheap cost rather than other private university.

Graduate programs[edit]

Faculty of Science & Engineering[edit]

  • B. Pharm
  • MPH

Upcoming programs[edit]

  • Faculty of Arts & Social Science
    • BSS in Journalism & Mass Communication
    • MSS in Journalism & Mass Communication
    • MSS in Applied Sociology and Development Studies
  • Faculty of Science & Engineering
    • Bsc. in Civil Engineering
    • Bsc. in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
    • Bsc. in Textile Engineering

Faculty heads[edit]

  • Mr. Md.Saiful Alam, Dean, Faculty of Law
  • Prof. Dr.Iqbal Ahmed, Dean, Faculty of Business
  • Prof. Dr. Abu Daud Hassan, Dean, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
  • Prof. Kohinur Begum, Dean, Faculty of Science

Admission eligibility[edit]

Students who have passed SSC and HSC or equivalent examinations with at least two second divisions or minimum GPA 2.5 in each (in the scale of 5.00) may apply for admission. For A level students, at least five subjects in O level with minimum GPA 2.5 and two subjects in A level with minimum GPA 2.5 (A=5, B=4, C=3, D=2, E=1 [only one E is acceptable]) are required.

Grading system[edit]

Marks obtained out of 100 Letter grade Grade point Remarks
80% to 100% A+ 4.00 Outstanding
75% to less than 79% A 3.75 Excellent
70% to less than 74% A- 3.50 Very Good
65% to less than 69% B+ 3.25 Good
60% to less than 64% B 3.00 Satisfactory
55% to less than 59% B- 2.75 Above Average
50% to less than 54% C+ 2.50 Average
45% to less than 49% C 2.25 Below Average
40% to less than 44% D 2.00 Pass
less than 40% F 0.00 Fail
I Incomplete


ASA University Bangladesh has a large and spacious library which is on the second floor. The ASAUB library can accommodate more than 200 students at a time. The library has a sufficient numbers of books, newspapers, journals, etc. Faculty members of ASAUB get special opportunities for continuing their research and study in the library. The environment of the library is very nice and facilitated by central air conditioning. It opens every day at 8.00 am.

Computer labs[edit]

ASA University Bangladesh has three labs with about 200 computers and high-speed broadband Internet connection. Students can use lab any time except restricted periods.


ASA University Bangladesh has a big auditorium on the ninth floor. This auditorium can hold about 650 students at a time. It is used to hold meetings, seminars, cultural functions and orientations.

Co-curricular activities[edit]

ASA University is a great source of co-curricular activities. There are lots of clubs and associations (student organization) which play fundamental role to develop student creativity and personal skills. Every department has some clubs which are controlled by the students with the help of teachers. There are about four clubs in the Faculty of BBA, nine significant clubs in the Faculty of Law, and one club (English Club) in the Department of English. These clubs arrange and organize cultural programs, seminars, conferences, workshops, competitions, social activities, etc.


ASA University Review is one of the reputed research publications which bring out immense significance globally. The Faculty of Law publishes Student’s Law Review (very first magazine of ASAUB). It publishes every semester by the initiative of the students of law with the help of teachers. Khaled Saifullah (Editor) and Mahbubur Rahman Nazmi (Asst. Editor) are the initiators of this journal. A business magazine Synergy is publishes from the Department of BBA. The Department of English has some wall magazines. Scribble and "Scudding Drifts" are the updated ones in association with the English Club. English Club also efforts on publishing a yearly magazine titled "Symphony" from the department of English designed with the creative writings of the respective students and teachers.


The cafeteria of the university is a spacious and well-lit area that can hold 250 students at a time. The cafeteria is situated at the 4th floor of the university. It serves different items of foods along with several unique items. It is facilitated by musical system and central AC.


  1. ^ Private University Act, 1992

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