Asahi Point Zero

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Asahi Point Zero
Asahi Point Zero.JPG
Type Non-alcoholic beer
Manufacturer Asahi Breweries
Distributor Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
Country of origin Japan
Introduced September 1, 2009
Alcohol by volume 0.00%
Colour Pilsener colour
Related products Kirin Free
Suntory Fine Zero
Sapporo Super Clear
Kirin Yasumu Hi no Alc. 0.00%
Nutritional value per 100 g
Energy 92 kJ (22 kcal)
5.4 g
Dietary fiber 0.0–0.1 g
0 g
0 g
Other constituents
Purine base 2.2 mg
Sodium 0–8 mg

Asahi Point Zero (アサヒポイントゼロ?) is a non-alcoholic (0.00% ABV) beer sold in Japan by Asahi Breweries.


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