Asahi Pro Best Ten

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Asahi Pro Best Ten
Full name Asahi Pro Best Ten
Started 1964
Defunct 1975
Sponsors Asahi Shimbun
Affiliation Nihon Ki-in

The Asahi Pro Best Ten was a Go competition.


The tournament consisted of 20 players. The format was a knockout. The 20 players were reduced to 10, with the place for number 1 coming down to a best-of-three match.

Past winners[edit]

Player Years Held
Sakata Eio 1964, 1967, 1969
Fujisawa Hideyuki 1965, 1968
Rin Kaiho 1966, 1973-1974
Hashimoto Utaro 1970
Ishida Yoshio 1971-1972
Cho Chikun 1975