Asahi Production

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Asahi Production Co., Ltd.
Japanese animation studio
Industry Media and Entertainment
Founded 1 June 1973
Headquarters Nerima, Tokyo, Japan
Key people
Yuichiro Yamaura
Muneharu Yamaura
Products Anime

Asahi Production (旭プロダクション?) is a Japanese animation studio. It was created on 1 June 1973. It is based in Nerima, Tokyo.[1]


Asahi Production was founded in 1973, initially establishing itself as a specialized shooting studio and PR movie company. At its inception, Tokyo Movie Co., Ltd, and Tokyo Movie Shinsha (today TMS Entertainment) were its first affiliates. Production of promotional videos for large companies and industry organizations, such as the Japan Insurance Association and Asahi Chemical, was the studio's main business.[2][3]



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