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Asaka Kubo (久保 亜沙香 Kubo Asaka?, born January 20, 1979 in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan) is the lead vocal singer of the group A+Jyuc [3]. She currently belongs to the show-business production company PLATINUM-S, and is a former member of Pyw-A.

She got her start in 1998 when she was scouted and given the opportunity to become a gravure idol. She posed primarily in school uniforms & underwear. Along with the usual Gravure Idol photosets she also produced a semi nude photograph collection (also known as a Photobook) and an image video. She switched companies in 2000 and stopped temporarily in 2001 for unknown reasons. In late 2002 she re-emerged and released her final photobook. She has since turned her attention to singing and has been active ever since, performing various stage events. In 2005 she started a music group called Pyw-A, but was unsuccessful. A year later in 2006, she started a new group called A+Jyuc.

A+Jyuc stands for Asaka + the first letter in the name of each member in the group. Asaka+ = Asaka (Vocals) J = Jun(Bass) y = you (Guitar) u = ume (Keyboard) c = coro chang (Drums)

The group has not performed in any concerts or for large audiences and it is unknown how popular her music is. Nevertheless, her group still manages to release at least one CD a year, along with an average of three stage performances a month. [1][3]






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