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Asakusabashi (浅草橋) is a district of Taitō, Tokyo.

The district is traditionally known for many wholesale stores, and recently known for its large stores selling traditional Japanese dolls (although some of the largest doll stores, such as Kyugetsu and Shugetsu, are located across Edo-dori avenue, thus belonging to the Yanagibashi neighborhood), or packaging materials, and it hosts a very large concentration of beads stores.

The Ryuhoku campus of the Lycée Franco-Japonais de Tokyo (Franco-Japanese High School of Tokyo) is also located in this neighborhood.


Asakusabashi Station on the Sobu Line, as well as the station of the same name on the Asakusa Line, are both located in Asakusabashi.

Nearby famous locations[edit]

Asakusabashi is located just 1 train station away in the Sobu Line from Akihabara, the famous Tokyo area where you can find most of the electronics shops in town, also the Sega Arcade and many Anime goods.

Also just 1 station away in the Sobu Line is the Ryogoku Station, in the center of Ryogoku, the area where most of the Sumo Wrestlers live in Tokyo due to many Sumo Stables. You can visit a sumo stable for free to watch the wrestlers morning training if you make a reservation. Other interesting things to find in Ryogoku are the Ryogoku Kokugikan Sumo Hall where you can watch sumo battles and the famous Edo-Tokyo Museum.

Asakusabashi is a great neighborhood for travelers looking for a cheap stay in a less-famous but very convenient area.

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35°41′45″N 139°47′08″E / 35.695788°N 139.785458°E / 35.695788; 139.785458Coordinates: 35°41′45″N 139°47′08″E / 35.695788°N 139.785458°E / 35.695788; 139.785458 (Asakusabashi bridge)