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Asan, Asan-Maina
Assan; Ma'ina
Location of Asan within the Territory of Guam.
Location of Asan within the Territory of Guam.
CountryUnited States
 • MayorFrank A. Salas (D)
 • Total2,137
 • Ethnic groups
Time zoneUTC+10 (ChST)
Village FlowerPlumeria rubra
Korean Air Flight 801 Memorial in Asan

Asan (Chamorro: Assan) is a village located on the western shore of the United States territory of Guam. The municipality of Asan-Maina combines Asan with Maina, a community in the hills to the east. It was a primary landing site for United States Marines during Guam's liberation from the Japanese during World War II. Asan Beach Park is part of the War in the Pacific National Historic Park. Asan and Maina are located in the Luchan (Western) District.


War in the Pacific National Historical Park, Asan, Guam

Asan derives its name from the Chamorro word hassan meaning scarce or rare.

One meaning of the word ma’ina refers to an infant who, between the time of birth and baptism, is taken by the mother to Mass before sunrise. This old ritual was considered analogous to and in imitation of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple.


Historical population
Census Pop.

On July 21, 1944 the Americans landed in Asan to recapture the island from occupying Japanese forces during the Battle of Guam. The 3rd Marine Division landed in Asan at 08:28, and the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade landed near Agat to the south. Japanese artillery sank 20 Landing Vehicle Trackeds, but by 09:00 tanks were ashore at both beaches. United States Marines fought Japanese forces fortified in the hills above the shore after establishing a beach head. During the following week, Americans pursued retreating Japanese forces northward and eventually won the battle.[citation needed]

From April to November 1975 the former Camp Asan was used as a refugee camp for South Vietnamese refugees during Operation New Life.[2]

On August 6, 1997, Korean Air Flight 801 crashed on Nimitz Hill in Asan. A memorial was later constructed.[3][4]


Guam Public School System serves the island.

Southern High School in Santa Rita serves the village.[5]

Parks and recreation[edit]

Every year the island's largest Easter egg hunt is at the War in the Pacific National Park with over 10,000 eggs. The village also hosts the yearly International Kite Flying Competitions with people from South Korea, Japan, China, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands competing for the championship.

Mayor of Asan-Maina[edit]


  • Enrique S. Cruz (1927–1931)
  • Santiago A. Limtiaco (1931–1938)
  • Joaquin L. Jesus (1938–1941)
  • Santiago A. Limtiaco (1944–1957)
  • Joaquin S. Santos (1957–1973)


  • Jose S. Quitugua (1973–1981)
  • Daniel L. Guerrero (1981–1985)
  • Frank A. Acfalle (1985–1989)
  • Vicente L. San Nicolas (1989–2013)
  • Joana Margaret C. Blas (2013–2017)
  • Frank "Frankie" A. Salas (2017–present)

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Coordinates: 13°28′17″N 144°42′50″E / 13.47139°N 144.71389°E / 13.47139; 144.71389