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In this Japanese name, the family name is Asano.

Asano Sōichirō (浅野 総一郎?, April 13, 1848 – November 9, 1930) was a Japanese businessman responsible for founding a number of companies, including what became today's JFE Group.

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He came from a samurai family in the Toyama region. He was Doctor Asano Taijun's son. He was originally named Asano Taijiro. He purchased Fukagawa Cement Works from the government in 1884, with help from Shibusawa Eiichi, and diversified his business interests, which eventually became a minor zaibatsu (kept minor because it did not include a bank). Asano is called "the cement king of the Meiji period."

Asano also established the forerunner of the JR Tsurumi Line, located between Tokyo and Yokohama. Asano Station is named after him.

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