Asaphodes adonis

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Asaphodes adonis
Asaphodes adonis male.jpg
Asaphodes adonis female.jpg
Scientific classification
A. adonis
Binomial name
Asaphodes adonis
(Hudson, 1898)[1]
  • Xanthorhoe adonis Hudson, 1898

Asaphodes adonis is a species of moth in the family Geometridae.[2] It is endemic to New Zealand.[1][3]


This species was first described by George Vernon Hudson in 1898 under the name Xanthorhoe adonis.[4]


A. adonis has vivid green forewings with dark coloured broad wavy lines edged with white which form a distinctive pattern.[4] The hind wings are a pale orange shaded brown.[4] This species can be distinguished from its close relative Asaphodes beata by the colour of its hind wings.[5]

Distribution and habitat[edit]

A. adonis have been observed at Castle Hill and Lake Wakatipu,[4] Lake Harris track,[6] Bold Peak in Otago,[7] Mt Aspiring Station,[8] and in the Te Anau Ecological District.[9]

This species is regarded as uncommon and is found in forest at altitudes of between 300 and 1200 metres.[4][7]

Life cycle[edit]

Adults are on the wing in January and February.[4][7]

Host plant[edit]

Larvae of A. adonis have been reared on species of Ranunculus.[10]


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