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Asara is a village situated in the Chhaprauli Mandal of Baghpat District in Uttar Pradesh in India.[1] The village is about 12.01 kilometres from the town of Chhaprauli, and is 33.70 km distance from district headquarters at Baghpat, and situated on the banks of the Yumuna Canal.[2]


Asara is biggest village of Baghpat district in context of area, It have 52000 Bigha (land measure unit in U.P.) farming land. In east there is Krishni rever. Villages nearby include Kakripur (2.3 km), Bhudpur (3.0 km), Ramala (3.4 km), Fatehpur Chak (4.3 km), Ibrahimpur Majra (4.8 km), Sujti (4.9 km) and Kirthal (5.4 km).


It is a predominantly Muslim village, with the MUSLIM JAAT being the dominant community having more than 90% share in population of about 25000. It is having more than 9000 registered voters and always there has been communal harmony in this village, even a single incident of communal clash never being noticed . Asara having sufficient contribution in state politics , Mohd Ismail was a legislator in Utter Pradesh legislative assembly from Indian National Congress mainly people depends on farming but there is lot of govt employees including more than 100 teachers, near about 10 gazetted officer and one former vice chancellor of Moulana Muhammad Ali Johar University Rampur, U.P.


The village was said to have been founded by Mubarak Khan of Kirthal about six hundred years ago. Mubarak Khan was a soldier in Prithvi Raj Chauhan army. during his visit to Iran he fall in love with an Iranian Muslim girl but his villagers did not allowed him to do so , Khan decided to quit his village Kirthal and live in cottage in forest, after all this cottage gradually turn into a village presently named Asara.


There is around 70% literacy rate recorded in Asara, there is Muslim Inter College since 1924. There are four primary school at every corner, one Maktab and one up Govt. affiliated school including more than 20 public schools of modern education.

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Coordinates: 24°20′N 71°23′E / 24.333°N 71.383°E / 24.333; 71.383