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Ascaric, Ascarich, or Anscharic (Spanish: Ascario or Ascarico, French: Anschéric, Portuguese: Ascárico) is a Germanic name which appears in Latin sources as Asacarius, Assacarius, Assaccarius, Ascaricus, or Askericus. It is a compound name derived from Protogermanic asca-, "ash," probably species of Fraxinus, meaning also "spear," and Protogermanic -ric < Celtic *rig-, meaning "ruler." Asca- may allude to the spear of *Wodanaz, a symbol of his inspirational power, or the name of the first man in the Germanic creation myth. -Ric was a common name suffix among early Germanic and Celtic men of status. Ascaric was used mainly by the Franks and Visigoths. It can refer to: