Ascension Church, Yaroslavl

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Coordinates: 57°37′34″N 39°52′14″E / 57.62619°N 39.87067°E / 57.62619; 39.87067 The Church of the Ascension of Christ (Вознесенская церковь) is a four-piered penticupolar Orthodox church erected in Kondakovo, a western suburb of Yaroslavl between 1677 and 1682.

The first church on the site was commissioned in 1584 by Basil Kondaki, a wealthy Greek merchant, in order to prevent the planned construction of a Lutheran church in Kondakovo.[1] A smaller parish church is dedicated to the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple. This late Baroque building incorporates the 17th-century refectory, a survival from an earlier church. A belfry dating from 1745 was demolished in the 20th century.

The parish churches sustained damage in the Yaroslavl Revolt of 1918 and were later adapted for use by a nearby car barn.[2] The larger church, with all the domes taken down, was used as a depot. Aleksey Soplyakov's frescoes from 1736 have all but disappeared. It was not until the late 2000s that the buildings were returned to the Russian Orthodox Church and restoration work began.


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