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Location of Ascope in the La Libertad Region
Location of Ascope in the La Libertad Region
Country Peru
Region La Libertad
Founded June 1, 1984
Capital Ascope
 • Mayor Mario Salomon Velarde Carrion
 • Total 2,655.75 km2 (1,025.39 sq mi)
 • Total 116.684
 • Density 0.044/km2 (0.11/sq mi)

Ascope is a province in the La Libertad Region, Peru. It is bordered by the Trujillo Province on the south; the Pacasmayo Province on the north; the Cajamarcan province of Contumazá and the Otuzco and Gran Chimú provinces on the east; and the Pacific Ocean on the west. Its capital is Ascope.

Political division[edit]

The province is divided into eight districts (Spanish: distritos, singular: distrito), each of which is headed by a mayor (alcalde):

Nº. District Population
Cens. 2007
Capital Mayor
Ascope --- Ascope ---
Casa Grande --- Casa Grande ---
Chicama --- Chicama
Chocope --- Chocope ---
Magdalena de Cao --- Magdalena de Cao ---
Santiago de Cao --- Santiago de Cao ---
Paiján --- Paiján ---
Rázuri --- Puerto Chicama ---

Some localities[edit]

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Coordinates: 7°42′47″S 79°06′56″W / 7.71306°S 79.11556°W / -7.71306; -79.11556