Ascot d'Oilly Castle

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Ascot d'Oilly Castle
Ascott-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire, England
Earthworks at Ascott d'Oyley - - 990323.jpg
Earthworks of the castle
Ascot d'Oilly Castle is located in Oxfordshire
Ascot d'Oilly Castle
Ascot d'Oilly Castle
Coordinates51°52′11″N 1°33′36″W / 51.8697°N 1.5599°W / 51.8697; -1.5599Coordinates: 51°52′11″N 1°33′36″W / 51.8697°N 1.5599°W / 51.8697; -1.5599
Grid referencegrid reference SP304191
Site information
ConditionEarthworks only

Ascot d'Oilly Castle is situated north of the village of Ascott-under-Wychwood in the north west region of Oxfordshire. It is a scheduled ancient monument.[1] A fragment of the castle remains and is a Grade II listed building.[2] It was named after Roger d’Oilly who was granted it by William the Conqueror and whose brother built Oxford Castle.[3]

It is thought that the castle was built around 1129 and it was demolished soon after 1175. There are fragmentary remains of a stone tower. It was excavated by Martyn Jope und R. I. Threlfall in 1959, when 12th century pottery was discovered.[1] The remains consist of raised ground surrounded by broad ditching. Only traces of the tower remain and they suggest that it was about 35 feet (11 m) square with walls 8 feet (2 m) thick.[4] The castle is very close to the fortification of Ascott Earl Castle, built on an adjacent estate at the other end of the village.[5]

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