Ascot–Guildford line

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Ascot–Guildford line
Type Heavy rail, Commuter Rail
System National Rail
Status Operational
Locale South East England
Termini Ascot
Stations 8
Owner Network Rail
Operator(s) South West Trains
Rolling stock Class 450, Class 456
Number of tracks 1-2
Track gauge 4 ft 8 12 in (1,435 mm) standard gauge
Route map
Waterloo to Reading Line
to Reading & Waterloo
28 mi 79 ch
46.65 km
32 mi 08 ch
51.66 km
35 mi 30 ch
56.93 km
37 mi 48 ch
60.51 km
South Western Main Line
to Weymouth & Waterloo
Alton Line
to Waterloo via SWML
Ash Vale
32 mi 38 ch
52.26 km
North Downs Line
to Reading
Basingstoke Canal
35 mi 00 ch
56.33 km
Alton Line
49 mi 18 ch
79.22 km
34 mi 29 ch
55.3 km
Portsmouth Direct Line
to Woking & SWML
New Guildford Line
to Surbiton & SWML
30 mi 27 ch
48.82 km
North Downs Line
to Reigate
Portsmouth Direct Line
to Portsmouth
Mileages from London Waterloo via various routes

The Ascot–Guildford line is a railway service operated by South West Trains in South East England.

The name refers to a service between Ascot and Guildford which shares lines with other services except between Ascot and Ash Vale.

Services on this line have to travel over London Waterloo to Alton line to Aldershot and then reverse to travel along North Downs Line at Ash South Junction to reach Guildford.

The line serves the following stations:

The service makes use of the following distinct lines:


Ascot station is located on the line from London Waterloo to Reading, just to the south of the famous racecourse. From here, the service travels a short distance west along the Waterloo to Reading Line to Ascot Junction. Here it turns south and travels to Ash Vale junction, joining a section of the Alton Line as far as Aldershot. The service then retraces its route back along the Alton Line towards Ash Vale before joining the North Downs Line via a chord at Aldershot South Junction for the remainder of the journey to Guildford.

The line is single track from just south of Frimley station (and north of the South Western Main Line between Brookwood and Farnborough Main) and Ash Vale Junction.


The line is electrified (750 V DC third rail)

Rolling Stock[edit]

Full Route[edit]

Class 456 EMU[1] trains work the line, with Class 450 Desiros on Sundays. Occasionally, Class 458 trains run on this route, these trains work limited services from Waterloo to Aldershot.

Parts of the route[edit]

Class 450 Desiros and sometimes Class 444 Desiros are also seen on the route between Ash Vale & Aldershot while forming Waterloo to Alton via Woking services. Class 165 and Class 166 are also seen on the route between Ash & Guildford while forming Reading to Shalford/Redhill/Gatwick Airport services.


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