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Aserrí canton in San José province

Aserrí is the 6th canton in the province of San José in Costa Rica. The canton covers an area of 167.10 km²,[1] and has a population of 52,808.[2] The capital city of the canton is also called Aserrí.

A look at part of Asserí (the canton, not the town), as seen from the highway 209(coming from Tarbaca)

The mountainous canton is delineated on the north by the Río Poás. It encompasses a narrow strip of land that traverses the Coastal Mountain Range before reaching the lowlands of Puntarenas Province, bordering the canton of Parrita.


The canton of Aserrí is subdivided into seven districts (distritos):[3]

  1. Aserrí
  2. Tarbaca
  3. Vuelta de Jorco
  4. San Gabriel
  5. Legua
  6. Monterrey
  7. Salitrillos


The canton was established by a decree of November 27, 1882.


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Coordinates: 9°44′50″N 84°08′43″W / 9.74722°N 84.14528°W / 9.74722; -84.14528