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Aserrín Aserrán is a traditional lullaby and children's song in Spanish-speaking countries:

Aserrín, Aserrán,

Los Maderos de San Juan

Los obreros piden pan

No se lo dan

Piden queso, les dan un hueso

Y les retuercen el pezcuezo.

Two lines included in a previous download onto this article (retained below) "Los de alante corren mucho y los de atrás se quedaran!" are actually patched in from a different song:

Al animo, al animo, la fuente se rompio. Al animo, al animo, mandarla a componer. Uri uri ura, la reina va a pasar. La de alante corre mucho, La de atras se quedara.

A translation of this lullaby, that seems to be a memorial to a workers' strike brutally repressed, is:

"Sawdust, sawing wood,

The woodworks (not "woodsmen" nor "woodworkers", which would be "madereros") of Saint John.

Workmen ask for bread

They are denied.

They ask for cheese, are given a bone,

And their necks are wrung."

Other more bowdlerized versions of the song listed in this article at earlier dates are:

"Aserrin, Aserran,

Los maderos de San Juan

Los de alante (adelante) corren mucho

los de atras se quedaran." (but see above)

"Sawdust, Sawing wood

The woodworks of San Juan

The ones at front, they run a lot

and those behind, they finish last."

"Aserrin, Aserran,

Los maderos de San Juan

Piden queso y les dan hueso

Piden pan y no les dan."

"Sawdust, Sawing Wood

The woodworks of San Juan

They ask for cheese and they get bone

They ask for bread and they get none.

Versión cantada y en video de Aserrín aserran clásico infantil

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