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Asgardsrei festival is a neo-Nazi[1] and National socialist black metal (NSBM) festival in Kiev, Ukraine.

As a NSBM festival, it is a popular place for right-wing activists across Europe, with several neo-Nazi networks and organizations from Europe and America meeting there.[2][3] It is named after the 1999 album by Absurd with the same name, which was seen as influential to the National socialist black metal scene.[4] Such bands that are participating in the festival include Absurd, Peste Noire, Goatmoon, M8L8TH, and Nokturnal Mortum.[5][6]

The festival is strongly connected to Alexey Levkin of M8L8TH, and his "MilitantZone", as organizers, and to the pro-Maidan right wing Azov battalion.[7]


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