Asguard (band)

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Origin Mogilev, Belarus
Genres Melodic death metal, Gothic Metal, Industrial Metal
Years active 1997–2009
Labels Metalism Records
Members Alexander Afonchenko
Andrey Tselobenok
Oleg Maslakov
Dmitriy Laptenok
Sergey Tselobenok
Past members Yuri Yurchenko
Sergey Nickolaenko
Alexander Krotov
Sergey Tsvikevich
Tatjana Lazarjkova
Andrey Polovchenia

Asguard was a Belarusian heavy metal band from Mogilev, active between 1997 and 2009. Their music contains, elements of melodic death metal, gothic metal and industrial metal.


Asguard was formed in the Autumn of 1996, in Mogilev, Belarus, with original members Alexander Afonchenko, Andrey Tselobenok and Alexander Krotov. The composition of band was almost intact with the exception of a key element on drums. A spot which would soon be filled by the young and skillful Sergey "Dead" Tselobenok. With all the members in place, the guys chose the name Ancient Castle. It would be two cold years before they changed their name to Asguard and the recording of their first demo In the Darkness of Night was laid to tape. In the process, Tselobenok would leave the band and Yuriy Yurchenko filled the void. Not unlike any other young bands, members come and go before the true foundation is set and Asguard was no different when founding member Alexander Krotov also left only to be replaced by local talent Maslakov Oleg.

After the release of their demo and playing a slew of local gigs, the band caught the attention of local Belarus metal label Fatal Ecstasy Productions and the demo was officially released throughout Eastern Europe. The band received critical acclaim and was soon asked to tour throughout the country with bands Sanatorium, Neglected Fields, Rossomahaar, Mental Home, Vader, Behemoth and Mayhem. Then in late 1999 and into early 2000, the band had written and recorded their first official debut entitled Summis Desiderantess Effectibus for the Ukraine label Bloodhead Productions. Soon after the EP Wikka followed and the band began to develop an incredibly loyal and massive following that garnered them National attention.

Soon, Asguard find themselves back on the road with Hate, Nomad, Dementor and once again with Vader and Behemoth playing in front of thousands of adoring metal fans. The band finds themselves playing in stadiums and giant concert halls once reserved for bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and the like.

2002 through most of 2003, Asguard begin to see themselves as big fish in a little pond and make the decision to expand their reach and do so by signing an exclusive recording deal with Devil Doll / This Dark Reign. Until then, the band had only seen record sales and concert attendance in Belarus, Russia and smaller Eastern block countries. Then, in 2004 with the release of Black FireLand, Asguard finally struck a new note within the metal world and they have been blazing a fiery path ever since. Heavy hitting metal magazines like Revolver, Terrorizer and Kerrang! are giving them high marks and high praise and comparisons for their International debut.

In 2004 and 2005 respectively, Asguard released Wikka and Dreamslave.

Dreamslave... Awakening[edit]

The recording of Dreamslave... Awakening was planned for the end of spring. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Freedman Studio. The album was dedicated to the 10ths anniversary of the band, which was celebrated by releasing the album in 2007. The album consists of 9 tracks, including cover versions of Accept and Kreator. Unlike other Asguard albums, it was rather experimental, a new step for the band as in terms of sound, and the band style. The release includes a DVD with some concert material and band video clips.


Current members[edit]

  • Alexander Afonchenko - Vocals, bass
  • Andrey Tselobenok - Guitar
  • Oleg Maslakov - Guitar
  • Dmitriy Laptenok - Keyboards, electronics
  • Sergey “Dead” Tselobenok - Drums

Former members[edit]

  • Yuri Yurchenko - Drums (on “In The Darkness Of The Night”, “Summis Desiderantes Effectibus” & “Wikka”)
  • Sergey Nickolaenko - Keyboards (on “Black Fire Land”)
  • Alexander Krotov - Guitar (on “In The Darkness Of The Night”)
  • Sergey Tsvikevich - Keyboards, orchestral arrangement (on “Dreamslave”)
  • Tatjana Lazarjkova - Cello (on “Dreamslave”)
  • Andrey Polovchenia - Vargan, bagpipe & surma (on “Dreamslave”)


Studio albums[edit]

Title Label Released
Black FireLand DevilDoll Rec/More Hate Prod 2003
Wikka This Dark Reign Records 2004
Dreamslave This Dark Reign Prod./CD-Maxim 2005
Dreamslave... Awakening This Dark Reigh Records 2007


Title Label Released
In the Darkness of the Night Fatal Ecstasy Prod 1998
Summis Desiderantes Effectibus Bloodhead Prod 2000