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Ash is an unincorporated community in Douglas County, Oregon, United States, south of Loon Lake in the Southern Oregon Coast Range.[1] The community is also referred to as Ash Valley.[2]

Ash had a post office established in 1894, named for the Ash trees in the area.[3] The first postmaster, Charles L. Parker, suggested "Ash" when the Post Office Department requested a short name.[3] The post office was closed in 1934.[3]

Ash Valley's economy is based primarily on logging and agriculture.[2] The closest town is Scottsburg, 21 miles northeast, but Ash Valley residents rely on Reedsport, 27 miles northwest on the Oregon Coast, to obtain goods and services.[2] In 1915, Ash had a cheese factory and a sawmill.[4]

Ash Valley school was closed in 1994; students attend the public schools in Reedsport.[2]


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