Ash-e doogh

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Ash-e doogh
Place of originIran
Region or stateIran, Iraq, Turkey, Syria
Serving temperatureHot
Main ingredientsYogurt and leafy vegetables
VariationsMeatballs can be included

Ash-e doogh, (Persian: آش دوغ), also known as "yogurt soup", originates from the Azeri-region of Northwest Iran and is one of the traditional soups of Ardabil.[1] It's a common dish found in many regions and cultures, within the Middle East including: Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria.


The spelling of the name of this dish varies in English and can include; Ashe Doogh, Ash-e Dugh. There are some alternative terms for this soup including; Ayran Ashi, Ash-e Mast.[2]


Ash-e doogh is a soup usually made with yogurt or doogh, as well as different kind of herbs (such as coriander, leek, tarragon, mint, and parsley), vegetables (such as spinach, purslane, chickpeas, peas, onion and garlic), lamb meatballs, eggs, rice, salt and several types of spices. Fried mint with lots of oil (and sometime garlic) is used as a topping for the soup.


Some people prefer to make this soup with yogurt whereas others prefer doogh, a savory soda yogurt. Soup made with yogurt is sweet while the one made with soda yogurt is sour. This soup can be made vegetarian.

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