Ashagi Lamiya

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Ashagi Lamiya
Ashagi Lamiya - Business Show Host.jpg
Born Ashagi Lamiya
(1989-03-06) 6 March 1989 (age 29)
Tellicherry, Kerala
Nationality India Indian
Occupation Screen writer
Awards National Award for Realistic Photography in the year 2010

Ashagi Lamiya is an Indian artist, Indian Television presenter, screen writer, photographer and actor. She has anchored many interviews for Darshana TV (Business Star)[1] She is also a known photographer who has won many awards.[2]


Lamiya was schooled at Mambaram English Medium School, Thalassery, Kerala. Being gifted in music, dance, photography, and drama as a child, Lamiya gave it a professional touch by acquiring a BS (Visual Communication) from Asan Memorial College of Arts & Science (UOM) and an MA (Mass Communication and Journalism) from Periyar University. It was during her days at Asan Memorial College of Arts & Science that she won the National Photography Competition Award on child labour and child begging conducted by the Kerala Region of the National Child Development Council and co-starred in the short film 'Together Forever' portraying uncommon envy in a relationship.


She has done many short films as an actor too.[3] In a very short span of time, Lamiya has worked on various assignments ranging from anchoring TV programmes, editing newspapers, writing and directing scripts and screenplays, interviewing business personalities, and contributing to the City Talk section of the weekly Oman Daily Observer. Her works are known for getting across the message with minimal words and actions.[4]

Lamiya shares her concern regularly through journalism on global matters that include climate change arising from irresponsible management of natural resource, "...we’re consuming water faster than nature can replenish it."; and the disproportionate spread of wealth and unevenly distributed education setup, "...a general trend towards marked increases in tuition in recent years, even in countries where tuition fees have generally been much lower...", show her deep passion to change the much needed things around.[5]

She has done a public service PowerPoint presentation on national patriotism and interviewed Mr. K. Mohanan Nair, Managing Director of Smrithi Ayurcar Ltd., Calicut, on the business challenges and evolution around Calicut over the years.

Some of Lamiya's works include as a script and screenplay writer and director 'Nashtapeta Kanuneer', 'Vengeance Demon', documentary on 'Tellicherry Fort' and screenplay & dialogues for Biodata, a short film which has over 1.6 lakhs views in YouTube.[6]


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