Ashanti Star

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Ashanti Star
Ashanti Star obv.jpgAshanti Star rev.jpg
Obvserse and reverse of the medal
Awarded by UK
Type Campaign medal
Eligibility British and Colonial forces
Awarded for Campaign Service
Campaign(s) Fourth Anglo-Ashanti War
Description Bronze, 38mm diameter
Clasps none
Established 1896
Related Ashantee Medal (1873-74)
Ashanti Medal (1901)
Ashanti Star BAR.svg
Ribbon bar of the medal

The Ashanti Star was created in 1896 for the members of the expedition against the Ashanti King Prempeh, in the Fourth Anglo-Ashanti War.[1]


A bronze four pointed star and saltire cross, 38mm wide, suspended by a loop and ring.

Obverse: a central medallion with a circlet inscribed "Ashanti 1896" and at the centre an imperial crown.

Reverse: within a circular central recess the inscription "From the Queen", the rest of the reverse surface is plain.

Ribbon: 31mm wide, yellow with two black stripes.


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