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For the neighborhood in San Francisco, see Ashbury Heights (San Francisco).
Ashbury Heights
Origin Sundsvall Sweden
Genres Synthpop
Years active 2005–2010 2011 -
Labels Out of Line
Website Official site
Members Anders Hagström (2005-)
Tea F. Thimé (2013 -)

Ashbury Heights is an electronic music band formed in 2005 in Sundsvall, Medelpad, Sweden. The group's original membership consisted of Anders Hagström (male vocals, songwriter, music, and programming) and Yasmine Uhlin (vocals). Yasmine left the band after the release of their EP, Morning Star In A Black Car, and was replaced by Kari Berg (vocals) as lead female vocalist. Kari was a member of AH until 2010 and was featured on one album, Take Cair Paramour. In 2010, following a long running dispute between Hagström and the record label Out Of Line the band disbanded. This dispute was settled in 2011, whereupon Hagström and Out of Line renewed their collaboration. However, it took until 2013 for Hagström to find a new singer. The new singer, Tea F. Thimé (vocals and lyrics), comes from a background of alt. modelling and burlesque performance (going by the stage name Tea Time).



Ashbury Heights was created when Anders Hagström asked Yasmine if she wanted to sing on his demos. The newly formed band was signed by record label Out of Line soon after, and from then they attained wider recognition.

Yasmine Uhlin's departure (2008)[edit]

Yasmine announced her departure from the band in November 2008 in Hamburg at the last concert of the Out Of Line festival tour. On her blog, she wrote: "Why I am doing this is not because of lack of energy or love for the band. There are no grudges to be held and the air within Ashbury Heights is free from any pollution. You see, this is something I have to do. I need to let go in order to build something of my own. I've been fighting myself in this matter for a long time but I can't change what I truly feel."[1]

Kari Berg (2008-2010)[edit]

Anders sought a new singer and found Kari Berg. Previous to joining Ashbury Heights, she had focused mostly on singing opera. Kari was a member of Ashbury Heights from 2008 until 2010, featuring on one album and a remix for BlutEngel.

Take Cair Paramour (2010)[edit]

The record Take Cair Paramour is the only Ashbury Heights album featuring Kari Berg. The album was released on July 2, 2010. A limited edition of the album was also released, including a bonus CD with remixes, demos, and exclusive tracks.

Disbandment (2010) and Renewal (2013)[edit]

In October 2010, Anders Hagström announced that he was disbanding Ashbury Heights due to ongoing disputes with his record label, Out of Line. This dispute was settled in 2011, resulting in the renewed collaboration between Hagström and Out of Line. However, Ashbury Heights did not start recording a new album until 2013, this time with a new singer, Tea F. Thimé.

Tea F. Thimé in Ashbury Heights (2013-)[edit]

Tea is a Swedish alt. model, stylist and performer.[2] The first interview with the new AH was published in ElectroStrom on 01/2014. There the band stated that Tea had no previous experience as a singer when joining the band. However she has a degree in English literature and is the first female half of AH to co-write lyrics. The first album with Tea is called The Looking Glass Society and was released in 2014. Before the album was released, Ashbury Heights made their live comeback at the 3rd Out of Line Weekender in Berlin. This was the first live show with the new female lead.[3]

Live supporting musicians[edit]

  • Johan Andersson – keyboards (2008-)
  • Tomas Gunnarson - keyboards (2009 on Synapsi in Finland)


With Yasmine[edit]

With Kari[edit]

With Tea[edit]


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