Ashdod Light

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Ashdod Light
Ashdod Light, 2010
Ashdod Light is located in Israel
Ashdod Light
LocationAshdod, Israel
Coordinates31°48′50.06″N 34°38′46.79″E / 31.8139056°N 34.6463306°E / 31.8139056; 34.6463306Coordinates: 31°48′50.06″N 34°38′46.79″E / 31.8139056°N 34.6463306°E / 31.8139056; 34.6463306
Year first constructed1966
Constructionconcrete tower
Tower shapeupper half cylindrical, lower half triangular prism
Markings / patternupper half red and white checkerboard, lower half gray concrete
Tower height42 metres (138 ft)
Focal height76 metres (249 ft)
Range22 nautical miles (41 km; 25 mi)
CharacteristicFl (3) W 20s.
Admiralty numberE5967
NGA number113-21260
ARLHS numberISR-001

Ashdod Light (Hebrew: מגדלור אשדוד‎), is a lighthouse in Ashdod, Israel. It is located in Yona Hill (Hebrew: גבעת יונה‎), a 53 metres (174 ft) above sea level hill at the northern part Ashdod, just south of the Port of Ashdod. The site and the lighthouse are closed to the public.

The lighthouse is listed as active on the NGA List of Lights of 2009,[1] as well as on the July 2009 update of The Lighthouse Directory.[2] However, some less official sources claim that it is inactive at least since November 2009.[3][4]

The lighthouse appeared on an Israeli stamp issued 26 November 2009.[3] It also appeared on the first day of issue postmark for that series of stamps.


The lighthouse was constructed as part of the construction of the port facilities.[3] The crystal glass used was taken from the Jaffa Light which was shut down.[5]

The lighthouse was a distinctive mark of the city of Ashdod, appearing in many publications.[4]

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