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Ashen Stars is a role-playing game published by Pelgrane Press in 2011.


Ashen Stars is one of the games to use the GUMSHOE System. Ashen Stars is a gritty space opera where the characters are freelance troubleshooters working in the remote region known as the Bleed.

Publication history[edit]

Robin Laws designed Ashen Stars (2011) for Pelgrane Press's GUMSHOE system.[1]:385


Ashen Stars was a 2011 nominee for the Origins Award for best role-playing game.[2]

John ONeill of Black Gate comments: "Drawing heavily upon his successful GUMSHOE mystery system, author Robin D. Laws has created an extremely appealing game of space opera procedural mysteries. In the tradition of the best hard boiled detective fiction, players are constantly scrambling for money, equipment, and respect… all of which they'll need to succeed in a war-ravaged perimeter where trust is a precious commodity, and very little is truly what it seems."[3]


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