Asher Lane

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Asher Lane
Origin Berlin & Hamburg, Germany
Genres Rock
Members Finn Martin (Vocals / Guitar)
Philipp Steinke (Keys / Vocals)
Anthony Thet (Lead Guitars)
Sonja Glass (Bass)
Marco Möller (Drums)

Asher Lane is a five piece rock group from Germany. They have reached considerable success in the German charts, reaching 5 in the German airplay charts with "Explain".


Asher Lane was founded by the five musicians who decided they wanted to "aim for moments with strong emotions for the audience and for us".

Outside Germany[edit]

Previous to 2006 Asher Lane had limited success outside of Germany itself. A version of the #32 peaking "New Days" single was used in a marketing campaign by the Nivea dermological group, and has caused interest in the group from within the United Kingdom and America.


  • Beautiful Falling, released Mar 2, 2007 on label Exzess Berlin[1]
  • Neon Love, released Oct 10, 2008 on label Exzess Berlin[2]


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