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Ashes of Love
Drama poster
Also known asHeavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost
Based onHeavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost
by Dian Xian
Written byZhang Yuan'ang
Directed byChu Ruibin
Composer(s)Sa Dingding[1]
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of seasons1
No. of episodes63 (TV), 60 (DVD)
Executive producer(s)
  • Liu Ning
  • Zhang Yancheng[2]
Production location(s)Hengdian World Studios
Running time45 mins
Production company(s)
Original networkJiangsu TV
First shown inChina
Original releaseAugust 2 (2018-08-02) –
September 4, 2018 (2018-09-04)

Ashes of Love[3] (Chinese: 香蜜沉沉烬如霜) is a 2018 Chinese television series based on the novel Heavy Sweetness, Ash-like Frost by Dian Xian.[4] It stars Yang Zi and Deng Lun in the lead roles.[5][6] The series premiered on Jiangsu TV starting August 2, 2018.[7]

As of January 2019, the series has reached 15 billion views.


In ancient times, the Flower Goddess died after giving birth to her daughter, Jin Mi. She has a sense that Jin Mi will suffer a great love trial that would break her down, just like her. To prevent that from happening, she gave her daughter the Loveless Pill. This magical pill prevents Jin Mi from feeling and expressing romantic love. The Flower Goddess ordered her subordinates to keep the girl’s birth a secret and keep her within the Water Barrier for 10,000 years, hoping that Jin Mi will be able to avoid the love trial. Jin Mi grows up thinking she was a Grape Fairy as all plant spirits are forbidden to leave the Water Barrier.

4,000 years later, the Heaven Emperor’s second son, Xu Feng, was sabotaged, during his development of his phoenix spirit, by someone and accidentally lands in the Water Barrier. He was saved by the innocent Jin Mi, thinking he was a crow because of how burnt he looked. After living together, Xu Feng gradually developed feelings for Jin Mi. Jin Mi later on meets Xu Feng's older brother, Run Yu, who also develops feelings for her. Caught in a love triangle, Jin Mi learns a bitter-sweet lesson about love, revenge, and life. Together, Xu Feng and Jin Mi overcome the obstacles that try to pull them apart as fate intended.



Actor Character Introduction
Yang Zi[8] Jin Mi (锦觅) A grape fairy, whose true form is a six-petal snowflake .
The daughter of the Flower Goddess and Water God.
She is naive and kind, and does not understand the true meaning of "love" due to the forbidden love pill implanted in her at birth by her mother who predicted that she would experience a love trial in the first 10,000 years of her life.
Deng Lun[9] Xu Feng (旭凤) Legitimate Prince of the Heaven Realm; the Fire God, his true form is a phoenix.
Second son of the Heavenly Emperor and Empress.
Xu Feng is a kind and noble god. He is oftentimes more trusting of his mother than he needs to be. He is willing to sacrifice anything for Jin Mi due to his deep affection towards her. He also does not tolerate betrayal of any kind.
Chen Yuqi[10] Liu Ying (鎏英) Demon princess.
Lord Biancheng's daughter.
A cheerful and forthright girl, and a heroic warrior on the battlefield. She is in love with her bodyguard and companion, Mu Ci.
Luo Yunxi[11] Run Yu (润玉) Eldest Prince of the Heaven Realm; the Night God , his true form is a dragon.
Son of Heavenly Emperor and water realm's Princess Su Li.
Initially a gentle and calm person with no ambitions for the throne. He is not respected as a prince in the Heaven realm due to his illegitimate birth and pressure from the Empress.
After his mother is killed by the Empress, he rebels against the Heavenly Emperor and ascends the throne to become the next Heavenly Emperor.
He has an unrequited love for Jin Mi as well as they have a marriage promise.
Wang Yifei Sui He (穗禾) Leader of the Bird Clan, her true form is a peacock.
Niece of the Heavenly Empress.
She is hard-hearted and insecure in nature, and would do anything to secure her power. She listens to her aunt well and has an unrequited love for Xufeng. She hates Jin Mi just because Xu Feng loves her instead of Sui He.
Zou Tingwei[12] Qi Yuan (奇鸢)
Muci (暮辭)
A reaper who was adopted by Lord Biancheng after his tribe was killed, and became Liuying's bodyguard.
He was forced to work for the Heavenly empress after being fed a poison. Liu Ying's lover.


Heaven realm[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
He Zhonghua[13] Taiwei (太微) Heavenly emperor (Dragon). Ruler of the Heaven realm.
Xu Feng and Run Yu's father. A selfish and possessive man who is adept at making use of other people to achieve his goals.
Kathy Chow[13] Tuyao (荼姚) Heavenly empress (phoenix). Xu Feng's mother.
A scheming and cruel woman who committed many evil deeds out of jealousy and spite.
Xia Zhiyuan[14] Danzhu (丹朱) The Moon immortal (fox).
Taiwei's younger brother; Xufeng and Runyu's uncle.
Known for his mischievous persona and youthful looks, he is in charge of love and marriage of all mortal beings.
Wang Renjun[15] Luolin (洛霖) Water deity.
Jinmi's father and Linxiu's husband.
An elegant and refined man who keeps himself out of worldly affairs, but is loyal and helpful to those in need. He loved Zifen dearly, but was purposely ordered by the emperor to marry Linxiu.
Wang Yuanke Linxiu (临秀) Wind deity.
Luolin's betrothed wife.
A kind and gentle woman who is a good friend of Zifen and treats Jinmi as her own.
Fan Mianlin Suli (簌离) Dragon Fish Princess. Lord of Dongting Lake.
Runyu's birth mother, who gave birth to him after being impregnated by the Heavenly Emperor due to her resemblance with Zifen.
She schemed for years to seek revenge on the Heavenly Empress for exterminating the dragon fish clan.
Liao Jingfeng Lord Puchi (扑哧君)
Yanyou (彦佑)
Snake deity.
After getting banished from the Heaven realm, he was adopted by Suli and became one of her god-sons.
He befriended Jinmi after saving her from the attacks of Qiongqi thousands of years ago.
He used to like Sui He when they first met at the Heaven Realm.
Du Yuchen[16] Kuanglu (邝露) Daughter of Immortal Taisi.
She voluntary became Runyu's subordinate due to her admiration for him.
Sa Dingding[1] Immortal Yuanji (缘机仙子) An immortal who is in charge of the fate and destiny of mortal beings.
Zhang Junran[17] Lord Liaoyuan (燎原君)
Qintong (秦潼)
Xu Feng's personal guard.
Li Yixuan Lord Doumu (斗姆元君) A high immortal.
Luolin, Linxiu and Zifen's teacher.
Li Yongtian Taishang Laojun (太上老君)
Zhang Shihong Immortal Taisi (太巳仙人)
He Junlin Yunxiang, Thunder Immortal (云响雷公)
Liu Siying Shengguang, Lightning Immortal (圣光电母)
Li Xuefeng Rat Immortal (鼠仙) Leader of the Zodiac immortals.
Suli's subordinate, who helps her collect information from the Heaven realm.
Zhang Xiaoyang Liaoting (了听) Xufeng's subordinate.
Cui Binbin Feixu (飞絮) Xufeng's subordinate.
Zheng Ge Pojun (破军) A heavenly soldier recruited by Xu Feng. Later general of the imperial army.
Fu Hongsheng Yinque (隐雀) Elder of the Bird clan
Dong Xiaobai Queling (雀灵) Suihe's subordinate.
Liu Haochen Lianchao (廉晁) Taiwei's brother, Tuyao's first love.
Liu Xiangping Earth deity (土地仙)
Zhong Sutong Little fairy (小仙女)

Flower realm[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Zhang Yanyan Zifen (梓芬) Flower deity. Former ruler of the Flower realm.
She is said to be the prettiest in the six realms.
Jinmi's mother, who was loved by both the Heavenly emperor and the Water deity.
She died after being weakened by the Heavenly empress' lotus fire magic.
Peng Yang Chief Peony (牡丹芳主) Head of the Pavilion chiefs. subordinate of Zifen
Ma Jing Chief Begonia (海棠芳主) subordinate of Peony and Zifen
Wen Luhan Chief Magnolia (玉兰芳主) subordinate of Peony and Zifen
Furou Meiqi[18] Rourou (肉肉)
Qianghuo (羌活)
A succulent plant sprite.
Jin Mi's close friend.
She died saving Jinmi from Qiongqi's attacks, but later revives and accompanies Jinmi in her mortal trial. She later died again after saving Jin Mi from the Soul Destructing Arrow in the mortal realm.
Yuwen Tong Lao Hu (老胡) Carrot sprite. An elder of the Flower realm.
Xia Yiyao Lianqiao (廉晁) A flower sprite.
Wu Wenxuan Pavilion Chief (芳主) subordinate of Peony and Zifen
Duan Yu Pavilion Chief (芳主) subordinate of Peony and Zifen

Demon realm[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Lu Yong Lord Yancheng (焱城王) Ruler of the Demon realm.
Yao Qingren[19] Lord Biancheng (卞城王) Liuying's father, and advocates for peace between the Demon and Heaven realms.
Song Yunhao Lord Gucheng (固城王) An ambitious man who aims to usurp the throne.
Wang Siyu Zhishou (炽狩) King Yancheng's son.
Li Silang Xuanshou (炫狩) King Yancheng's son
Hu Mianyang Qiongqi (穷奇) A ferocious legendary beast who is later absorbed by Runyu before the final battle.

Mortal realm[edit]

Actor Character Introduction
Sun Ning Lord Nanping (南平侯) A royal of Huaiwu Kingdom.
Suihe's father in the mortal realm.
He aims to kill Xufeng during his mortal trial and usurp the throne.
He was then killed by Sui He.
Zhou Yihua Prime minister Fu (傅相) Prime minister of Huaiwu Kingdom.
Tuo Gufeng General Jichong (偏将齐冲) Lord Nanping's subordinate.
Wen Jing Jingjie (荆芥) Elder of the all-female Healing Saint tribe.
She adopted Jinmi as a child during her mortal trial.


The series began filming in June 2017, and wrapped up in October 2017.[20][21]


1."Unsullied (不染)[22]" (Opening theme song)Hai LeiJason HongMao Buyi (version 1)
Sa Dingding (version 2)
Jian Hongyi (version 3)
2."Upwards to the Moon (左手指月)[23]" (Ending theme song)Yu HongSa DingdingSa Dingding 
3."Unparalleled in the World (天地无霜)[24]"Yu HongSa DingdingYang Zi & Deng Lun (duet version)
Deng Lun (solo version)
4."Love Frost (情霜)"Yu HongSa DingdingYang Zi 


Episode # Original broadcast date Average audience share (CSM52) Ranking Average audience share (National Average) Ranking
Ratings Audience share Ratings Audience share
1-2 August 2, 2018 0.995 3.722 3 0.5 2.05 7
3-4 August 3, 2018 1.139 4.344 3 0.63 2.52 5
5 August 4, 2018 1.172 4.74 1 0.58 2.61 4
6-7 August 5, 2018 1.241 4.621 1 0.67 2.67 3
8-9 August 6, 2018 1.384 5.203 1 0.78 3.12 5
10-11 August 7, 2018 1.368 5.185 1 0.75 3.01 5
12-13 August 8, 2018 1.503 5.735 1 0.88 3.49 5
14-15 August 9, 2018 1.44 5.455 1 0.83 3.38 4
16-17 August 10, 2018 1.328 5.066 2 0.86 3.47 3
18 August 11, 2018 1.249 4.912 1 0.82 3.55 4
19-20 August 12, 2018 1.272 4.636 1 0.84 3.29 3
21-22 August 13, 2018 1.417 5.254 2 1.03 4.05 4
23-24 August 14, 2018 1.374 5.047 2 0.94 3.74 3
25-26 August 15, 2016 1.349 5.102 2 0.99 4.02 3
27-28 August 16, 2018 1.253 4.662 2 1.04 3.96 3
29-30 August 17, 2018 1.148 4.415 2 0.98 3.81 2
31 August 18, 2018 1.181 4.667 1 0.99 4.07 2
32-33 August 19, 2018 1.176 4.205 1 0.99 3.85 1
34-35 August 20, 2018 1.352 4.912 1 1.17 4.49 1
36-37 August 21, 2018 1.353 5.029 1 0.99 3.76 2
38-39 August 22, 2018 1.508 5.384 1 1.15 4.32 3
40-41 August 23, 2018 1.273 4.728 2 1.15 4.45 3
42-43 August 24, 2018 1.168 4.301 2 1.08 4.13 3
44 August 25, 2018 1.051 3.871 1 0.89 3.62 2
45-46 August 26, 2018 1.321 4.798 1 1.13 4.2 2
47-48 August 27, 2018 1.396 5.003 1 1.18 4.43 2
49-50 August 28, 2018 1.393 5.064 1 1.19 4.38 2
51-52 August 29, 2018 1.294 4.711 2 1.3 4.85 2
53-54 August 30, 2018 1.283 4.612 2 1.39 5.09 1
55-56 August 31, 2018 1.277 4.545 1 1.54 5.55 1
57 September 1, 2018 1.315 4.414 1 1.58 5.22 1
58-59 September 2, 2018 1.378 4.954 1 1.51 5.58 1
60-61 September 3, 2018 1.358 5.073 1 1.64 6.46 1
62-63 September 4, 2018 1.322 5.093 1 1.64 6.36 1
Average N/A 1.301 4.82 N/A N/A


This drama was commercially successful, placing first among audience ratings in its time slot and exceeded 15 billion views.[25][26] It also received positive reviews, scoring a 7.7 on Douban.[27] It also received the highest score in Chinese Drama Shows Criteria scoring 9.7 in Viki. The drama was praised for its light-hearted yet grounded storyline,[28] as well as the tight plot, high production quality and performance of the actors.[29] However later on, the series received criticism from viewers about the extortionate amount of focus on the second male lead's storyline, and his increased screentime compared to the main leads.[30]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Awards Category Nominated work Result Ref.
24th Huading Awards Best Actor (Ancient Drama) Deng Lun Nominated [31]
Best Actress (Ancient Drama) Yang Zi Nominated
7th iQiyi All-Star Carnival Popularity Award (Actor) Deng Lun Won [32]
3rd Tencent Video Star Awards Popular TV Actress of the Year Yang Zi Won [33]
Popular TV Actor Deng Lun Won [34]
2018 Tencent Video Starlight Festival The Top Ten Audiences of the Year Ashes of Love Won [35]
Entertainment Capital The 2nd Golden Pebble Award Best Episode Project Ashes of Love Won
Media Internal Reference - TV Guide 2018 Mobile Influence Summit Forum The Most Influential Drama Trader of the 2018 Fingertips List Andy-Liu Ning Won
The Most Mobile TV Drama of the 2018 Fingertips List Ashes of Love Won
Weibo[disambiguation needed] Taiwanese TV series Weibo 2018 Influence Drama Ashes of Love Won [36]
V Influence Summit 2018 2018 Most Best Drama Producer Andy-Liu Ning Won [37]
TV Drama Award 2018 (Weibo[disambiguation needed] TV Series) Top 10 Most Popular Drama Ashes of Love Top 3 [38]
Top 10 Most Popular Actor Deng Lun Top 3
Yang Zi Top 5
Most Popular Screen Couple Yang Zi and Deng Lun Won
The Most Popular Hot Stalk Ashes of Love ""Have you ever loved me..." "Never" Won
Ashes of Love "You are finally my ugly wife." Top 5
Weibo[disambiguation needed] Award Ceremony Weibo Goddess Yang Zi Won [39]
Weibo Popular Artist Deng Lun Won
Weibo Annual Hot Drama Honor Ashes of Love Won
Tencent Entertainment White Paper Popular Television Actress of the Year Yang Zi Won [40]
Film and TV Role Model 2018 Annual General Rating Popular Actress Yang Zi Won [41]
Annual Drama Producer Andy-Liu Ning Won
Annual Drama Director Zhu Ruibin Won
Annual Drama Series Screenwriter Ma Jia Won

International broadcast[edit]


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