Ashes to Gold

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Ashes to Gold
Author Sherry Andrews and Patti Roberts
Country United States
Language English
Subject Religion/Biography
Publisher Jove
Publication date
1983, April 15, 1987
Media type Hardcover/Paperback
ISBN 978-0-515-08976-9
OCLC 20865544

Ashes to Gold is a book by Sherry Andrews and Patti Roberts, former wife of Richard Roberts, and daughter in law of faith healer Oral Roberts. The offers a critical assessment of the Roberts' ministry and university.[1] In a 1987 review Martin Gardner concluded Patti left Richard because of "her distress in watching Richard turn into a clone of Oral, and shameless way that she and Richard rationalized their jet-set way of life."[1] Patti's "painful memoir" is cited as a scholarly source on Roberts and his ministry."[2] The book has been reportedly banned from Oral Roberts University.[citation needed]


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