Ashfield Independents

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Ashfield Independents
LeaderHelen Smith
TreasurerThomas Hollis
Nominating OfficerJason Zadrozny
Founded28 July 2016
Headquarters84-86 Outram Street, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, NG17 4FS
Ashfield District Council
30 / 35
Nottinghamshire County Council
6 / 66
Broxtowe Borough Council
1 / 44
Annesley and Felley Parish Council
7 / 13
Selston Parish Council
5 / 21

The Ashfield Independents are a political party in the Ashfield District in Nottinghamshire, England.

Electoral history[edit]

In 2017 the Ashfield Independents stood candidates in the Nottinghamshire County Council elections. They won 5 seats.[1]

A month later, Gail Turner ran for the party in the 2017 general election and gained 9.2% of the vote with 4,612 votes, receiving the second highest Independent vote share in England, however Labour held onto the seat. [2]

The party won two by-elections to Ashfield District Council in 2017 and 2018 in the Hucknall North[3] and Sutton Junction & Harlow Wood wards.[4]

In 2019 the party stood candidates across Ashfield District Council and won 30 of the 35 seats, taking overall control of the authority.[5] The party also stood candidates in the neighbouring Broxtowe Borough Council, winning a single seat[6]. In addition the party won control of Annesley and Felley Parish Council.

In July 2019, party leader Jason Zadrozny announced that he would be a candidate for the Ashfield constituency when the next General Election is held.[7] The election came in December 2019 and Zadrozny came second with 27.6% of the vote.

Elected councillors[edit]

Ashfield District Council[edit]

There are currently 35 councillors in the Ashfield District Council, 30 of whom are members of the Ashfield Independents:[8]

Councillor Ward
John Baird Summit
Kier Barsby St Mary's
Jim Blagden Hucknall Central
Tony Brewer Skegby
Ciaran Brown Annesley & Kirkby Woodhouse
Christian Chapman Jacksdale
Melanie Darrington Skegby
Samantha Deakin Central & New Cross
Andy Gascoyne Selston
Dale Grounds Kingsway
Arnie Hankin Selston
Andrew Harding Huthwaite & Brierley
David Hennigan Central & New Cross
Tom Hollis Huthwaite & Brierley
Trevor Locke Hucknall Central
Rachel Madden Kirkby Woodhouse
Sarah Madigan Leamington
David Martin Underwood
Andy Meakin Abbey Hill
Warren Nuttall Summit
Matthew Relf Sutton Junction & Harlow Wood
Dave Shaw Hucknall North
John Smallridge Carsic
Helen-Ann Smith Stanton Hill & Teversal
David Walters Ashfields
Lee Waters Hucknall North
Caroline Wilkinson The Dales
Daniel Williamson Kirkby Cross & Portland
John Wilmott Hucknall North
Jason Zadrozny Larwood

Broxtowe Borough Council[edit]

There is one councillor on Broxtowe Borough Council who is a member of the Ashfield Independents [9]:

Councillor Ward
Elizabeth Williamson Brinsley

Nottinghamshire County Council[edit]

There are 6 councillors on Nottinghamshire County Council who are members of the Ashfield Independents [10]:

Councillor Division
Samantha Deakin Sutton Central & East
Tom Hollis Sutton West
Rachel Madden Kirkby-in-Ashfield South
David Martin Selston
Helen Ann-Smith Sutton North
Jason Zadrozny Ashfields

Westminster elections[edit]

Election Seats ± Candidate Total votes % % in contest seat Place Position
0 / 646
Steady Roy Adkins 2,292 0.0% 5.5%
4th No seats
0 / 650
Steady Gail Turner 4,612 0.0% 9.2%
3rd No seats
0 / 650
Steady Jason Zadrozny 13,498 27.6%
2nd No seats

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