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Ashford King Size (Full Flavour).jpg
An old pack of Ashford cigarettes, with an English text warning at the bottom
Product typeCigarette
OwnerPhilip Morris International
Produced byPhilip Morris International
MarketsSee Markets

Ashford is a brand of cigarettes, currently owned and manufactured by Philip Morris International.


Christchurch company selling high-nicotine Ashfords[edit]

In May 2010, a Christchurch company selling cheap high-nicotine cigarettes faced a grilling before a government selected committee on smoking.

Maori MP Hone Harawira said he would be asking the NZ Tobacco Group to appear before a Maori Affairs select committee hearing on the tobacco industry in Christchurch in about six weeks.

The business, based in Papanui offices, distributes two cigarette brands, Ashford and Easy, said to be big sellers in low socio-economic areas. The Press found 20-cigarette Easy packs being sold in Christchurch stores for as little as $7.70, and about $9 for the Ashford brand.

All convenience stores contacted by The Press stocked at least one of the brands.

Figures show the nicotine content of Ashford Full Flavour is 1.25 milligrams compared with 0.9mg for Benson & Hedges Classic and 0.8mg for Dunhill Premier.[1]


Ashford is sold in the following countries: Canada, Tunisia, Iran, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.[2][3][4]

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