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Ashford Hill is a British national nature reserve next to the village of Ashford Hill in Hampshire.[1] Part of the reserve is a designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).[2] The site is one of Natural Englands nature reserves [3]


The reserve is 23 hectares (57 acres), of which 20.36 hectares (50.3 acres) is SSSI.[4][2] The area of the national nature reserve which is a SSSI is part of the much bigger SSSI of Ashford Hill Woods and Meadows which is 142.1 hectares (351 acres) in size.[2]

The reserve is a series of low-lying meadows in the valley of a small stream and also features woodland areas.[5] The meadows area mix of London Clay and Bagshot beds.[2]

The stream is called Baughurst Brook and eventually drains into the River Enborne.[3]


The wooded areas are believed to be part of the medieval royal forest of Pamber.[6]


The nature reserve has the following fauna:[7][1][5][8]




The nature reserve has the following flora:[7][1][5]




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