Ashida River

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Ashida River
Country Japan
Basin features
Main source Sera Plateau
570 m (1,870 ft)
River mouth Seto Inland Sea
Basin size 870 km2 (340 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 86 km (53 mi)

The Ashida River (芦田川 ashida-gawa?) is a river that flows through the eastern part of Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan. The river provides the primary drainage for the Bingo region.

The source of the river is in the city of Mihara, Hiroshima and flows generally east toward Niimi, Okayama. After flowing through the Hattabara and Mikawa Dams in Fuchū, Hiroshima, the river passes through Fukuyama, Hiroshima, where it empties into the Seto Inland Sea.

Coordinates: 34°26′16″N 133°24′21″E / 34.4378°N 133.4058°E / 34.4378; 133.4058